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The book. The book. Oh. Yes. You know what I mean figured coke heads. I don't want to do business. You're way ahead of me. So. Dave. Is a libertarian which means he's not Republicans. He's not Democrats. So on the politics side, he's able to stay. Even, keeled isn't. Like one group of he does live in a liberal bubble of new. York. Oh now he's moved outside New York. So he lives in a less liberal bubble I found two. There's a new party like it's a it's a it's like a third and fourth party where it's like. Liberals and conservatives, but they hate like the overboard liberals and conservatives. So they to their anti liberal liberals and anti-conservative Conservatives. Still formulating this idea? Point is that guy should have gone across the street and pissing the park? I think we can all agree on that. I said, we should start the episode in a second. I don't know if there's anything else. I gotTa Tell You would follow day Smith. He's got his own podcast called part of the problem. We discuss politics all the time. I'm going to tell you. You should usual legion all the time he recently lost an election. For president allegiance gang someone else won. It was me and. Follow. THEM ON A. I don't honestly don't follow him on twitter at. Comic Dave Smith don't get off twitter. You guys it's been. It. The viruses in their get off twitter it's a horrible place. And you'd be like Oh you're on there. I'm not I got off in like. June July. Fuck it. Every part of me is well, I built a five hundred, thousand followers I should like cash that or. Nah. It's just gross. So get off twitter he's on there are comedies with I don't know how much is on there, but I would tell everybody listens get off there it's filling with A. Horrible negatively. So here's the deal with this week's this year's. Part of the problem the here's. State of the Union address twenty. Twenty. Too Much Shit happened. Too Much fucking. Shit. Happened you guys. So, what are we supposed to do? We did three hours I'm letting. You know right now we did three fucking hours on this. and. We didn't get anything. No. No. I wouldn't say we didn't get anything. We covered some stuff look at my notes. We covered some stuff. COVID. What he thinks to respond should have been some black lives matter stuff. And a little bit of like the media, and then we just ran out of time it was three hours we had to go to the Legion skanks. So we're like, should we go and take this Zumra quarter that I draw got a new one? fucking everything. It's extra costs. Extra costs extra cost. Joe. Patriarch by the way everybody. Patriotic Dot Com Slash Ari Shapiro. or Patriot Dot com slash skeptic tank otherwise pointed the same place. The point is join up five dollars give a travel blogs. once a month or so And I. Do I mean audio travel blocks I call him plugs. He's a picture and I talked about where that picture was taken. dating sex funded vice what else do on there? I don't know Oh, I know a mail bag. I.

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