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We would when we would go and play outside and we played road hockey we would make stories up ourselves so i'd be i don't know when i was a kid i loved madison dean it'd be mattson dean going down on on a breakway one of my brothers would be cujo in trying to make a big save so but then when the age difference between my youngest brother is ten and a half years so i was able to tell him stories about i don't know like you said imagination hockey all these different things and that was kind of a correlation that we had you could be like your grandfather and tell him you're in the nfl earlier in the week and then he goes he goes to school and looks like a liar exactly if you're just tuning in you're listening to q i'm ali hassan in for tom power i'm talking to zach hyman you may know him as part of the toronto maple leafs roster he's also a published children's book author how do your teammates react when they when the here that you're a writer storytelling it's reading and that santa my life is something that i love to do and it's a passion and it's cool that i'm able to kind of combine the two and and people enjoy if you've ever watched a teen movie from the eighties you'll notice a lot of stereotypes about athletes jocks are always in jerseys letter jackets they only care about the big game the next game how how did is that stereotype athletes want to be well rounded people and you know your career only lasts so long and after that you have to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life so i think that it's important for athletes explore all avenues of of their life and all passions that they have and not to be just one side of you gotta be a multifaceted person and i think that that's a really important.

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