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In continues there and people are asking questions about why the strategy occurred issues with overcrowding slums mountainous part of the country people have building up ill science at many those trees have been cut down over the last few years chuckled is a lot of things that but a quick succession you have in the last few days also we'll be hearing from the korean put in sheila north korean leader kim jongil says he has examined a plan to launch a missile strike towards the us pacific territory of guam reaction from the south korean capital seoul in a moment and the indian prime minister has addressed the nation on the anniversary of the country's seventieth anniversary we'll head over to india shortly to see how people are celebrating the date that's after latest world news hello i'm jerry smith with the bbc news thousands of people in south korea rallying to urge a peaceful resolution of the crisis over north korea's nuclear program there are jing the government and washington to stop joint military drills due to begin next week earlier south careers president moon jaein said there would be no military action on the peninsula without his country's consent from so his ueki tiller mine president moon jae in his to hatch looking to reassure the people of his country who might be alarmed by the sharp ward of words between the us and north korea in his address to the nation to mark liberation day he said south korea would prevent war at all costs he also said that military action against pyongyang could only be taken if so consents to it and that in this regard washington's position is not different he once again made the offer of talks with his northern neighbor the iranian president hudson move honey has warned that iran could abandon its nuclear agreement with world powers in a matter of hours if the united states sticks to its policies of sanctions and a speech to parliament mr ruhani's have president trump was not a good or a trustworthy partner last month washington imposed sanctions on a number of iranian firms it said were involved.

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