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Hyundai we wondered those things too so we're making it all possible with our all new program called shopper assurance with flexible test drives that come to you transparent pricing for convenience streamlined purchase for efficiency and even a three day worry free exchange the future of car buying is now available in the press car buying made easier it's now possible introducing Hyundai shopper assurance was a Hyundai USA dot com to see how it works test drive subject to dealer personnel and vehicle availability under the three day worry free exchange customers to buy or lease a new vehicle from participating dealers be exchanged for another new Hyundai within three days mileage and vehicle condition restrictions apply. went to bank when and where and how you want then our E. banking is for you convenience security mobility all the things you need and want today no matter your age the banking is definitely for you come in today and learn about the benefits of E. banking at bank of Clark County. member FDIC. what is life life is about compromise and realizing you can't always get what you know you can always get what you want without compromise with the new quattro pizza from little Caesars with two slices each of cheese pepperoni sausage and pepperoni and sausage information it's for tasty pieces in one all for just seven Bucks take that compromise how's it feel to get literally everything you want in one large quite for Pizza Hut ready every day from forty eight at little Caesar's pizza pizza pizza pizza. plus tax prices are less than white yeah yeah I was going to get someone to sell jingle ball tickets go on sale for Capital One card holders October seventh for forty eight hours only visit I heart radio dot com slash Capital One for more info supplies are limited. jingle ball tickets go on sale for Capital One card holders October seventh. hours only visit. slash Capital One for more info supplies are limited hi.

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