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The wait what is what is that i don't even get how you those things together and but we love it when he does i i don't know what he's doing but whatever it is it's worked henry keep going i don't know what you're smoking but can i have just a little bit away you're smoking just a little bit just fine of ecstasy or hash oil or what take it easy this is in are you talking drugs remai okay i'm sorry but here to talk about music here detail about music drugs are not a part of our lives or the lives of any music musician that we like no never taken drugs we are here adam to talk about the the album munster and we're going to be talking about that coming up soon enter guests april richardson who's very funny comedian who big rem fans rem fan in when we start doing the show we knew that we had to get her on to talk about her experience got some really interesting experiences with the band as well but before we get to that there's a couple couple of things first of all how are you i feel i don't ask you that it of like i just drive the show how are you doing i appreciate that i'm doing quite well well that was boring okay scott how are you doing these days what's going on i'm okay but let's get to what i wanna get to know you wearing sunglasses.

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