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Victories at Churchill Downs. He's got a little speed if you needed, he's gotta will stop and go to him, which you always like to have that with your three year olds. Um, yeah, I mean, he's just a horse. It's doing well, He's on the improve, and I think he certainly earned his spot. The Bluegrass Stakes winner gets 100 qualifying points for the September 5th Kentucky Derby. Whole miles News Radio, 8 40 Yes. Tonight at Kentucky Speedway, the NASCAR weekend continues its A second night of Expended E. Siri's racing Austin centric looking to repeat after taking last night's race. Tomorrow's race card Features and ARCA truck. Siri's doubleheader the cap Siri's runs on Sunday that'll be without fans, and on Sunday, Lin Family Stadium opens loose city will host its first game There will be fans president There will be limited tickets sold A and social distancing and other CDC guidelines in place. Your next news Update is a 10 30 I'm Will Clark News Radio, 8 40 W. H S. Here's Your Chance to win $1000 Text the nationwide keyword but Teo 202 100 You'll get a confirmation text and invoke Standard data and Miss rates apply in this nationwide contest. That's fun to 202 100. All right, folks. I told you I was going to keep you up on what was happening. The Kentucky Ice Go Athletic Association and Julian Tackett. Not much coming out of today. We really had high hopes that there would be some sort of At least a plan or say Here's what we want to do for fall sports, but nothing definitive. Yet just some practice they pushed back. Some practice time now is all.

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