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As a Union Army private with the Wayne guards a company of the theory regiment by eighteen sixty two the twenty five year old Vincent rose to the rank of colonel in the eighty third Pennsylvania infantry and led his men through one of the fiercest battles of the civil war at Fredericksburg seven months later Vincent found himself in command of a brigade of three regiments at the battle of Gettysburg on the second day of fighting Lucent intercepted career with the message from general Kay Warren urgently requesting troops to occupy a little round top a strategically important hill anchoring the union army's left flank the incident did not wait for orders but immediately double clicked his thirteen hundred men to the unprotected hill arriving only minutes before the enemy he placed colonel Josh what chamberlain's twentieth main infantry on the extreme left of his line which had become the left flank of the entire union army as Confederate units from Alabama and Texas attacked things look desperate for Vincent's troops in an effort to encourage is meant to keep fighting as ammunition ran low fence and jumped on a rock and shouted don't give an inch boys don't give an inch exposed above the hand to hand fighting Vincent was struck by a Confederate musket balls and died of his wounds five days later but thanks to strong Vincent's quick thinking and heroism the Union Army successfully defended little round top and earned the victory at the battle of Gettysburg considered by many the turning point of the civil war and the may sixth president and CEO of the Heinz history center does a great job of those stories you get sucked in and go if you haven't been to the Heinz history center in the strip district its first after it was cloned nearly two decades ago the world's first cloned cast has died she was the world's first cloned.

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