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The tunnel of love is an album. That i that means a lot to me too. I think it's really brilliant and you know like when he was doing albums shows that would have been what i wanted to see him. Doing you know the love from beginning to end. I think would be just lovely to see. I've been able to see a couple songs In houston he did one step up as design requests and You know he makes the joke that The full eastern band had not done one step up since like the late nineties and he makes the joke. We do not know this. You have major bed sir. Cracks me up Any others that you just are on your list definitely a. It's it's nearly. They pick sued as a thing in the state unbiased straits as well that would be. That would be awesome again. That'd be great final thoughts. And what have i asked you. What have i not asked you that. I should've -ly thank you. You've covered almost every jessica. I having listened to your podcast. I know the question. I was thinking if i not to see their hunting. Jesse hasn't asked anyone before linked up and The only thing that i could think of was is there anyone that like. You're listening to night. That reminds you of bruce. That's a great question. Is there someone you're listening to. Their kind of is Or certainly hoping there's a young i From the northeast of the uk. Cold sound sender. Okay some released his debut album couple years ago called hypersonic messiahs and It was absolutely fantastic. And he would bruce as like his his total inspiration is a massive fan of chris. He's actually covered Dancing in the dark on atlantic. Set a a number of shows and things like that So i would definitely urged people to check him. I think he's again really good Social commentary and succinctly put in things a are so relatable. Sam fender vendor. I've made a note. I will google him When we finish and check that out very nice good all right so you know we got to end with mary. Question so and I unfortunately you being an english teacher. My expectations are pretty high rope but Just in case this is someone you are leased friend and listening to this podcast because of lee. And you have not heard others The mary question is basically came from A wonderful man named j armstrong who is an honors english teacher in the philadelphia area. He just recently retired Bud every year his Honors english class their senior year. He would take two days and they would take thunder road and break it down as a summer to what you were searingly that you would do. You would share who lyrics and pretend you know in say not tell them it was song lyrics and so they they break apart. The imagery of The song they would compare it to other points similar to like robert frost the road not taken and then At the end of the two days the question he would ask as class. Is mary get in the car at the end of thunder road so leave. That is your question you have the floor. She gets in the car. Okay definitely gets in the car. I think This is bruce. Invitation to marry yes but it is brisk invitation to us to get in the car along with him for the journey and we been on that journey with them some longer than others some for many decades On some for only a short time but we have been on that journey and that journey has maybe ebbed and flowed in terms of people's musical tastes and preferences and so will People have have so him get married and become a father and they got marez and become a father and so on so. I.

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