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A podcast next week. But taryn armstrong a what. You can't say what it is. A past couple will been doing a game. The i'm trying to do a game series of cost and it's so far about analyzing the social game do you should. I should say what it's going to be with. Taryn it's very you want. So we're gonna be talking about plurality books. oh this is really the level for of strategy potty for his bed if you're really invested in if you're really invested in strategy like this is a podcast on cod co strategy with taranto but we need put casa with him once which was the taryn show and i was like. Let's do something. I can get some ideas about like some some niece strategy. Getting into leaves like fatigue tool moves. He said he was interested in reality votes. Anyone who's listened to me knows that something. I'm obsessed with. I'm so excited about this. Costs can be tj plurality votes for the listeners. Are yes i will do that on. The podcast astle. But it's whenever someone is loaded with adam majority majority of the votes counted so idols. Don't count like kelly wentworth idling outside three zero. That's a majority life. Three to one example infamous to one which shannon's favorite boat configuration. The world is a plurality vote. We're going to have a whole section on that. Um but yeah like anything where people make magic out of these numbers. You have nine people and you win was a four. How what are the categories of how people do it. How could you do it if you will on the show. How do we analyze this in greater detail..

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