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Good evening, I'm Nikki medoro. One female suspect is in custody. But San Jose police are still surrounding a UPS truck at first and Trimble in San Jose where there was a hostage situation the hostages now safe. But this reportedly started as a police chase at China with avenue and Pearl avenue. Dozens of cop cars and sheriff deputies have blocked off the road. The other suspect is reportedly still in the UPS truck and had shot a deputies during the pursuit suspect is considered armed and dangerous. So you are advised to avoid the area. Again. This is a first and Trimble in San Jose cinema county. Authorities are advising residents living in low lying areas near the Russian river to consider moving to higher ground. They say the river will crust at thirty six feet at one o'clock tomorrow morning. In the meantime, the national weather service has cancelled flood warnings or the Guadalupe river above Almaden expressway in San. And for the Napa river civil liberties groups are suing in San Francisco to block, the Trump administration from returning asylum seekers to Mexico their cases, wind through immigration courts. The groups say the policy puts asylum seekers endanger, and violates US immigration law. Homeland security officials have said the policy is crucial to manage the crush of asylum seekers at the border. And if you think you're getting a lot of robocalls, now, just wait. A new report says nearly half the calls may to use cell in two thousand nineteen will be spam. That according to a study reference in a Federal Communications Commission report. It says ninety percent of those calls will have a millionaire caller ID. But there is not an effective way of identifying a call a spam before answering now back to chip Franklin on K G O eight ten. So I always get craps from Heather, and and everybody Nikki everybody when I talk about drugs, and.

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