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There that she's not the only one with sexual issues on Italian Dyer from Stranger Things is the young actress who plays Alice, and she's absolutely letter perfect. And unlike a lot of other raunchy teenage comedies, this never Goes or feels over the top These air generally decent kids, and there's nothing cartoonish about Yes, God, Yes, So if you're expecting American pie, this isn't it. It's kind of warm hearted, even gentle and kind of gently amusing on the kudos first featured by writer director Karen Main all around the job here. We have an interesting documentary that people might want to check out helmet Newton, the bad and the beautiful About one of the great photographers of the 20th century, made a name for himself by basically, you know. Shooting women and shooting women in various modes of power and sexuality. And among them Grace Jones in Charlotte Rampling, Isabella Rossellini, Claudia Schiffer, Marianne Faithfull. They're all on camera here talking about helmet Newton, who came from Nazi Germany into ah, the modern era as one of the true originals. In fashion photography directed by Gero von Bohm. That's about it in movie land, buddy. I love it. I love it. Gotta look at radioactive the rental Yes, God, yes and helmet. Newton gives me something to chew on for the weekend. I really want to get into the Madame Curie thing because she first of all for a woman to breakthrough in the world of science. Almost impossible, you know, and so challenging through the centuries, Really. There were massive breakthroughs made by women. And, of course, men take the credit or it's designed such that it's so difficult for women to break through that it's it's impossible. Virtually Anyway. Curie did this, and I think she died from handling a lot of these radioactive materials. But I'm gonna watch the movie and and enjoy it. So Michael Snyder love you for joining us the zoom. I'm not a fan. I think I want him on the phone next time because the echo thing creates a whole other issue, but love you spending time with us, and you can reach Michael on Twitter at Culture Blaster is also on YouTube and you can hear him here every Friday. Michael's not Ah! I hated the gym. Albert Zoom creates an echo, and it's Ah, I'm not good with whatever is reducing this thing has no idea what they're doing exactly. I'll pursue that further as we continue, we'll mop up. Social media Chris Meryl filling in for Pat That shall await you. But we'll tie up some loose ends.

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