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We're looking at right now. Which is turmoil in the land of the free these last days to site just two instances regicide, it looks like the twenty fifth amendment talked about all week long following the mention of the twenty fifth amendment in an anonymous op Ed written by what the New York Times. I'll bet editor tells us as a senior official in the Trump administration the twenty fifth amendment to review was created in the nineteen sixties in response to the illness of Eisenhower and the assassination of Kennedy under the under with the understanding that what if the president is not deceased, but can no longer carry out his or her duties, what do we do with the twenty fifth amendment requires the cabinet to vote and the vice president to sign a document to call congress and devote by states to remove a living president who was judged not capable or unfit. And there are protocols attached to that. I don't I don't go into all of them. But right now, the twenty-fifth was talked about all week as if it was imminent because of this letters mention of the twenty fifth in the times this doesn't come out of nowhere. It comes after the drumbeat saying that Donald Trump is incapable of conducting the office to which he was elected by more than sixty million Americans just two years ago. And those Americans are enjoying the fruits of the Trump administration's successes in the first two years, but Michael a very good evening to you. We are in the midst of regicide one instance is the anonymous letter two instances, the talk of the twenty fifth not just in that letter, but on cable television, ever since and mentioned in the newspapers is this in a civil war. A phase that we can recognize where are we in removing the king by force?.

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