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Or identity theft. But you can't save 25% or more off your first year opt into cyber safety at Norton dot com slash news. Okay, buddy. Nice and simple. This time you in a world of l team a fungicide five ft. Reign Supreme. Hey, remember less dramatic five. Ft. Just Five FT. 5 FT. No 60 inches. Look, man, just say built in a fungicide Let you treat corn as early as five ft. Nice ball team of fungicide from BSF coming sooner to a field near you always read and follow label directions. 8 40. Let's open up the mailbox. A lot of listener feedback, emails texts. W. Jan. Broadcasting the Stanley Cup final question Mark. Does this mean more time off for Landeck? Er, Well, I guess it will want it well, there will be weekend games, so we don't have the schedule yet for the games, But all the games will be played at night. So if they're weeknight games that All between Monday and Thursday. And I guess John doesn't call to show the John La Lande Acre oasis anymore. Did you hear about this? Yeah, he calls it the John Records. Landeck Arrest Stop I am not sure that is really a good idea. Because what do you think about when you hear rest stop. Besides getting a snack, you know you do other things that arrest up Does John really want to go with that He should call the program extension 7 20. Keeping with the tradition here of the night time talk show being called Extension 7 20. I think But he's been John and Milt Rosenberg. Very similar persona. Sounds like Dr Milton Rosenberg on acid He's on tonight from 7 to 10 Land. Deckard speaking whenever I think of a rest stop, I think of dirty bathrooms. Now you think of the land decors show. Yeah, Let's see what else? Uh people are asking about here. Um Oh, I'm glad somebody texted, uh, about the record collection selection. We played. Yesterday by Bob Not sure. Who's joke. This was but when you played camp Granada reminded me of the joke. A kid writes from Camp. No, no man, no fun. Signed your son and the dad writes back Too bad. So sad. You're dead..

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