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Hundred three eight nine six two four joepags dot com let me go to Gina who's in Saint Paul, Minnesota Gina you've been awfully patient and. I appreciate you what's going on Hi Joe I appreciate you and your show I, want. To talk about the stomach so The. Russians Headlines again in three days before the summit and the AP takes And to me Like a deflection in a smokescreen because I watched the summit interview with putting in President Trump and Putin dropped, a huge bombshell which no. One is about he spoke about Bill Browder and his, associates in Russia earning a billion and. A half dollars Gary Kelly. Not paying taxes they're transferring the money. To do that it stays where they, didn't pay taxes and then they gave a four hundred million dollars donation to. Hillary Clinton campaign and so I think all the screaming and hollering on the left is nobody talks about that four hundred. Million dollars donation I just can't. Believe packing ability Well gene I gotta tell, you he could not have given four. Hundred million dollars to her. Campaign maybe he started a political action. Committee and maybe he did something third, party or win around the back door but you can't give more than a. Certain amount as an individual to somebody's campaign so what do a bit of different way but I want to go back. To what you I said though When rod. Row and I I'm saying Rosenstein it might? Be Steve I don't know that I won't say his name but One rod Rosenstein did that made this announcement of. Indictment of twelve people from the Muller probe knowing that three days later the president would be in Helsinki meeting with Putin I felt just as you felt that he was setting the president, and, not only that he was setting up the media with the kind of information it needed to be able to say well it is journalists, for me to. Ask that question, in front of a Putin Trump and the ridiculous, question, that, started, this, whole, thing today. Kerry eliminated earlier ridiculous question was will you now with the world watching tell him, blah blah blah blah blah journalistic question. That's, a question that was, loaded and formed because what Rosenstein did three days ago I think you're right on with. That I I agree on that and I also think, before hundred value needs to be look into because you're, probably right they did it through a. Pack or they did it but you helped Hillary, Clinton She. Followed, by and nobody is, ranking the union to that affect but they're making such a huge deal of this simple. Responding to me it just seems like they're they're providing, cover for what was done I'm gonna I'm gonna look. Into Browder I think it's a very important thing. To look into again you can't give remember our friend initiative Susac twenty thousand to a friend. For her campaign didn't realize that it, was against, the law got in trouble was actually, charged with a felony was he. Pleaded to something else ended up being in a federal law Cup for a while now he's been pardoned by this president but yeah. You can't donate that. Kind of money four hundred million dollars to anybody you can't start a political action committee citizens United a lot for that to happen and and that must be how. He did. It I'll look. Into, it I'm not an expert on, this? Guy Bill Browder I have seen his name and all the news. Today and we'll do a better. Job tomorrow, and, look into that all right. We come back Jimmy is in the Woodland's. Jimmy stay right I'm gonna take you for thirty seconds every unfair only take, your give your your fulltime to comment got Larry Graham we've got dominated. A soda we'll see if, Dom cannot curse at us this time That'd be that'd be. Nice yeah Positive for, DOD not to, curse at us but. We, also I got Papa John well they changed the. Name of, the of the business now I I don't think. That we're. Gonna change the. Name I, know but changing Papa John's that's pretty big we'll. Talk, about, that as well Joe pags show coming right back This is the Joe pags show.

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