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Watch continues. Judge sends a Gray's lake man to prison for running a marijuana growing operation in Kane county. Prosecutors say Maxine go C'mon was growing two hundred marijuana plants in a building he at least in Auburn police say they also found marijuana and go C'mon car as well as items used to sell drugs, including plastic bags in a scale goatman pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of cannabis with intent to deliver. He was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison as part of a plea agreement. Investigators say go C'mon was growing various strains of marijuana. Jim got us. News Radio one zero five point nine FM. Police warning residents of a series of armed robberies over the weekend in the south loop and Hyde Park police say a group of men driving a Cray car have confronted people on sidewalks and demanded property one. Robert, flashed a black semi-automatic handgun, the others battered the victims. The first incident was reported Friday night at twenty third and Wabash. The most recent robbery happened yesterday morning on the same block WBZ news time five fifty three. If you're a small business finds you as a self employed, actor, it might be time to think about doing time. The US Federal Bureau prisons is putting out a casting call for actors to help train crisis intervention teams. According to the solicitation, the bureau, a division of the department of Justice is looking for actors to performance of Philadelphia department of prisons training facility the performers will need to act out several assigned inmate based mental health crisis scenarios the actor should be able to use props and makeup to simulate mentally ill patients. This would include the use of objects inmates have been known to possess uniforms.

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