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Ending, you know. Goes down who's in drag who's gene hat. You're you're you're talking about Tony Bosch who is at the center of all of us who's the one who is dispensing all of the the steroids. Using his dad's scrip paper pad to legit doctor, legit doctor. And then this fellow porter Fisher who is just a I don't know. What what what are you describe him the one who is the one who gave the who stole the essentially took the documents from Tony Bosch would just let it lying around the biogenesis office took them and sent them to the press because he was pissed about not getting four thousand dollars back. You know, it's a chunk of change nice chunk of change. But even Tony Bosch in your documentary said he wishes he had paid that money to avoid everything else that had happened. It's insane. I think I'm more interested in hearing. How you describe Puerto Fisher after having watched the Vikings. Just be a sad figure who's just looking for some sort of relevance. You know, I that's what I found it be in these documents, and he took these documents from so he stole the documents from Tony Bosch, and then the documents were stolen from him and sold not just to the highest bidder. But every better I mean, anybody willing to pay anything for them, and including major league baseball who paid one hundred twenty five thousand cash in a diner out of some slush fund, I presume, I don't think they were going to ten ninety nine. The convicted felon that they were buying these knowingly stolen documents from I don't know where MLB gets a slush fund from but let but so be it. I don't know if they were hustle either. Rob Manfred was in charge of this entire investigation. But listen you go down to Miami. I mean when you roll around in the swamp, you're gonna get some motto. You know what? I mean, they played down. There. You gotta you gotta root this thing out. I mean. In in in a way to 'cause everybody was saying, you know, how does how does the NFL not get the TMZ tapes of all these players that that TMZ has the tapes. And the reason why they're they're not gonna take some sort of could you imagine if the NFL nobody trusts what it is. It's the same. Could you imagine if the NFL took a slush fund and gave it to somebody who for whatever their reason wanted to leak this tape when they had no right to could you imagine you're assuming they do that. They don't otherwise. Billy. They don't because otherwise they'd have the tape. Well, Harvey Levin does a here's what what they did these convicted felons while they're selling MLB, the stolen documents for cash in a diner. They had a buddy at another table with an iphone filming the transaction. So that they can sell the video of the transaction to a-rod Disney like, hey, you can then release this, and they wound up route one getting scared about this and they deleted from the hard drive. And but but a rod bought a blank hard-drive from them for six figures, we have the wire transfer. It's in the documentary and the an era allegedly spent thousands more sending the hard drive around the world to data recovery services to try to get this deleted footage back and unfortunately couldn't. And so we got footage America's sweetheart Alison is hysterical. Listen, I don't he was desperate and any geek group in Miami. Sunny place for shady people. You know, he's gonna it rubs off on you and the type of characters you surround yourself doing the fact that when you think about the career of the highest paid baseball player in history effectively ended over a four thousand dollar debt between a cocaine addicted fake, doctor and his fake tan. Addicted steroid patient just kind of wonderful, by the way, Billy Corgan you. I mean, find point on me stuck the landing on that one. And and that's why you're talking it's called screwball. And I guess we kind of buried lead, which is a great way to finish up. Our conversation here is there's so many stories that required reenactment because you don't have the footage. Obviously of Tony Bosch talking to Puerto Fisher war porter Fisher to who was a sky. Right. I mean, you don't have these these these moments documented with film. So you recreated them using children. Oh my God. I can't I mean, wh why did you think I have a theory as to why I guess you set it at the very big. Ginning, but. Some of the things these guys are saying it sounds like they're five years old. And use us kids were like literally what eight ten twelve years ten. Yeah. Right around there. The most foul things. Modelling. Now, Alvin you're using Tony Bosch is sit down interview off camera. But on camera the kids mouthing wearing hairpieces and dressed up facial hair. Yeah. And we have to remember like when we make sports documentaries. Like the u thirty for thirty for example. I don't mean to knock our hustle. It's still documentaries or a challenge to make. But the formulas clear you talk to sportspeople sports. People talk to you about sports games, you go get footage of sports games and put sports game footage on top of sports people talking about sports. That's that's how it goes here. This wasn't about sports. Yeah. It was baseball adjacent. But all these events occur in some shady fake doctor's clinic in a locker room at a hotel at a bar and nightclub for example, live in Miami Beach, the fountain blue, and so what do you do? There's no footage show. We did re-creations when you were going to have to and I was listening to the character's talking during the interviews. Tony and porter who don't like each other. Spoiler alert. They have a very similar way of talking talking dialogue there like I walked into his office. And I said, where's my money? And he said, I don't have your money. And I said you get my money, and he's just about it. And I'm like, I appreciate you cleaning up the conversation. But I realize we could drunk history this because they're talking so we have. Gers lip sync the dialogue, but the actors will all be eight nine ten years old. And not only did did it strike me that they all acted like children, but he kind of works for me on multiple layers. Not the least of which is is that, you know, Tony Bosch ultimately, and rightfully so went to federal prison for not only treating professional athletes high school kids as well, whose parents and coaches brought them to Tony Bosch to try to get an advantage in the in the draft. And so that combined with the fact that like I said in the end we deal with this a little bit. The these athletes are heroes and role models to young children, and they're sending a message loud and clear and the kids are getting it because I do QNA's with some of the actors the young actors from the movie who answer the question of the audience when they say, what is the moral of the story. What did you learn? What are we supposed to glean from all this Brian Blanco the young kid who plays? Tony Bosch in the lab coat and everything he says, oh, I know. I know you don't have to raise your hand. It's a it's all yours. Do the floor is yours. He's ted. And what are you gonna do? He said lie cheat and steal. And that's how you win. Oh, no. And I'm like, and when it comes from him, it's a little more depressing than what I say it. But the truth is this is these are the lessons that were teaching children. Now, I mean who wanted this? I know obviously, Alex is a totally new life in a new reputation and he's living at and he's living at well. But Tony Bosch is a convicted felon. I didn't see I didn't look at anybody in this movie and say these people have one, you know, I mean, and and I honestly not not a single person comes off like. Anything positive in a way in this whole situation. Although again, I I don't blame baseball for doing whatever the heck it needed to do to move. This thing out. That's that's my belief. But just seeing at the end of this thing and Pedro Gomez came off. I guess. He's the only one by the way the child who plays him. So look Billy. This is this is just this is truly something else, man. But last one for you here, did did you believe Tony Bosch me because the guy's using the still referring people he was treating his patients. I mean, come on. Now, the did you did they goes to jail. The obviously he's got a story to tell. But he also has I'll tell you one person who believes in Tony Bosch is Tony Bosch that man has a lot of self confidence. And despite the fact that he went to medical school in Belize, what one of our interview subjects refers to as the belief school of the medical in performing arts. He he very much is a true believer in his own ability. I will tell you this guy didn't do at traditional advertising because this was very much a grey market business at best. He he's thrived on word of mouth, and he got that word of mouth because he got results for his clients. So he was doing something right now. I'll tell you what are the epilogues. We didn't get to do in the in the movies ran out of time and money, but Tony winds up in minimum security federal prison camp in Alabama. And he's there. Teaching nutrition to his fellow inmates. Jeff skilling from Enron is their business to their fellow come on. Jesse Jackson junior is in prison. They teaching political science and civics fell inmates. And yeah, I mean, listen, we're just trying to Maga trying to make a rod great again. That's what we're trying to. Dr Hannibal Lecter is teaching a class on yards. Arts. Oh my gosh. Billy. Thanks for coming on..

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