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Came with a solomon's toys. Now i kept it. 'cause i was like that's too cool for you to lose your came. I had this. I think it came with a The dvd. Or blu ray of the dark knight. When it came. I came out. Yeah the bluer that everybody in the world around for some reason. Things that millennials. Like i i don't i don't think that the affiliates goes i could have done without the boat seen honestly but that's another conversation University but what we talked about before last time was it felt like batman almost set harvey up. You know when he says heads we burn it. We go home and you flip the coin. Which is what's catalysts to kinda get harvey. But i mean for any people who are hating on it. I'd say watch the second time. And then if you can articulate why you don't like it. I mean going in you know it's going to have differences from the book that's just. The nature of adaptation of there are large jumps. There illogical changes that happened in adaptations. And there's some that you can sit back and say okay. I understand why you did this what you did what. The true heart of the story is any ad that tation they try to change a few things. So you you know. You don't have like the complete blueprint if you've read the original. You know this stuff. They really didn't need to add that stuff into You know the why. Yeah yeah. I know i think. Don't anything with the key. I mean i like. I like the idea of adding. Some sort of bad girl. Seems that we can connect with her character. Yeah the sex scene will were completely. Yeah toddlers right. They an event but what they did do in it. No no but i think in the beginning he do something with you. Know you set up. Barbara gordon show of. She is as far as his name. But no i mean. This is the first the first batman in a long time that i just remember being excited about the thumb. Just like oh yeah earth awesome. Have you watched. Did you ever watch the dark knight returns as one film have both parts can't remember him back back but see. I have both parts. James has the as one movie. Mr james cole. Yeah mr james the muscles cole. Who ironically moved at the same time that i like a week after i did because you know we just cool like that And it's the only other one that was like he's up. He's up on that high show. You know broken up into two parts you know they. They did the death and return of superman but technically those were two independent films. different directors. different writers stories that connected to each other. They put as one movie. Which i have and i've watched that one But again too. I mean that makes sense eight story. Broken up yeah. I have never watched that as one film. Yeah i mean the death and return to superman that makes sense the break that up into two parts of the comments that yeah and the emmy even as one movie. You'll feel a slight tonal difference in my direction and stuff when it gets to the second story. I kinda liked to watch the dark knight returns as one movie. It's you know. I have it i will. I've watched it the. I've been on records. Dark knight returns is not my favorite batman story. It's not. I don't love it and worship at the altar of the frank miller batman Off the that. The era frank. Miller is gone there for a while. That was the thing. Do frank miller adapt frank miller stuff and we're finally like now. We're we're we're past. That i mean the on like the dark knight returns and like they're double born again. It's like i don't know the quality teaches. He hit an apec. Then all of a sudden just start going downhill. All-star and robin will give you do that. I think it's a solid b. Plus for me be plus. It could never be a car. They change unnecessarily changed at at. Yeah made sense. But they actually don't have to do it because they don't have. I feel i feel like okay. Let's let's go back real quick to hush. They tried to make hush a little simpler cleaner. End i feel like it failed. They tried to like trickles. Like oh look. It's not. Tommy elliot thing which i think takes out a whole layer to that story this. I thought they did right. Which i know. It's not the same writer okay. I know that but we're looking at. It's jeff lobe and sometimes on jeff loaves endings of his big mysteries. A little convoluted you know because yes tommy. Elliott was hush as far as the main in the bandages and all that but the ridler was kind of the puppet behind the whole thing. They tried to make back cleaner and it didn't really work in the book. The long halloween gilda is a killer and her motives are you know are put their this. They gave her a real back story and made her straight up the killer other than killer foul comb. Because if you look at the time when it's should've been falcone's death she had two which was montoya. And i'm not sure who the other detective was at her house the whole time because she says i can't get my car out and they said we'll drive you wherever so. They're told us that she's not going anywhere. So harvey was finished. It up for her. So i like liken this one they had they cleaned it up but changes in this all makes sense now if you had more time like if they ever wanted to. Do this live action. I think a like miniseries type thing would be the way to go do twelve. You know what i'm saying. You'll live action live. How long halloween. And it's twelve at twelve episodes. Thirteen episodes You do live action. He doesn't even have to be long halloween. Let's get some. Hbo matt's let's get about me and series with batman and maybe do some. Do some detective do some detective stories. I mean look how popular we see. We have was look at this. We have a fat woman show where they tried. Talk about that and we have titans where dances around batman. Much a can rec- had gotham. Yeah right fell and we had have still have any worse. You don't that's why i was back to the teen. Titans go next week. Mellow utility bill coming. But now like i said look how popular guy procedural rules are like law and order s views on what season twenty. One twenty two. It's like again do it through a mystery due a procedural thing and then you drop batman into. You're telling me people aren't gonna watch that. Hbo post. That's what the batman supposed to be. We're supposed to get that matt reeves goffin's series. Isn't it supposed to be the pd. Exactly i'll those.

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