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99% of all other football staff are vaccinated at least one shot, if not fully Yet you have a team like Buffalo. You have a team Minnesota their coach. Call them out multiple times. Do you think the vaccine issue could drive a wedge into a locker room or No guys will just don't work around it. Absolutely. It could drive away, especially if you're losing a key guy, Um, on your way to trying to have success. Look, man, It's all good and all season to say, Hey, I respect everybody's approach to the vaccine. I respect how guys are handling it, but paychecks, paychecks change narratives. And now we end today, Thursday tonight. Tampa Dallas Cowboys the rig deposited on Tuesday and Wednesdays and we guys personal choices. Have the potential to stand in the way of that. The young football? Yeah, it'll be some issues. It'll drive some wedges. So look, man for the unvaccinated guys. They have. All of these guys have to be very careful. But the unvaccinated guys, especially, they have to be more cautious than than anybody that's vaccinated to make sure that they can get from week to week. Without getting cold it man because it's 10 days you've done for a week for sure. And then you have to test negatively and being the effects potentially of having it. So look, I'm vaccinated. I'm a proponent of getting vaccinated, but I'm also I'm also a proponent of guys making their own decisions, but but realize that those decisions have consequences not only to you is a personally not only to the people around you, but also when we're talking about the NFL. It has an impact on your football team and your availability and I don't know when availability. Became such a small order in the NFL. It's always been a big deal to have your guys available, and when you have these possibilities of not having them, that's something that you take into account, and that's something that the rest of your team who potentially are vaccinated or more majority of your team is vaccinated. Gonna be looking at you real stupid if you have to miss 10 days. Because you weren't vaccinated. Martin says the Georgia guide an SEC guy will tell you that hurt my heart to see ls you your tigers? Go down to the bronze. What the hell, man? Don't do that to the conference, man. Don't do that. Don't do that. What the hell happened there? Can you get past McNeese on south on Saturday? Look, they lost. They lost the U. C l A and U C l a played well, but the bottom of the thing that had me Feed off of the fact that we lost that the line of scrimmage Now I'm a Washington Kelly and this team the rest of the way because we may be discount U C l A by talking about how bad ls you looked? And I know the whole narrative of Pac 12 and SEC and I still believe we should never lose. Pac 12 team in the trenches, But I don't want to dismiss the fact that you see l A not only had a great plan, but they had some players out there that can flat out Get after it. Look, man. When l s u loses, I go down in the dumps and I potentially I'm going to have to watch my cowboys lose the night. Y'all ever want me to come back on this show? Leave. L s u out of. Uh Amen. Hey, turn on that Georgia film telling us you put that's how that's how you get it done at the last scrimmage right there. No doubt, man. Them big boys Upfront. Eight men Clinton. Beautiful, nominal job on defense to Yeah, they just both of them. Offense has got me nervous, man. Let me just tell you I love it. Orgeron. I'd like to play for that dude. Man. You know, Ed always is the right rock guy. He gets everybody going against everybody ready to play, But he has to surround himself with some coordinated some guys. They know what the hell they doing, And it didn't look like that week one, so we'll see what happens. Going forward here. Pick on the bare Ram game. Give us your score. Man. I'm gonna take the rims. I'm gonna take the Rams 24 to 17 over the bears. And I think you guys I think maybe it's wishful. Thank you. But I hope at some point we get to see a package of something from justice. I hope you're right. Have a great day, man. We appreciate you keep up the great work. You're awesome. All right. So let's thank y'all man. Y'all have a goal YouTube. There he is. Marcus Spears, Pride and joy of LSU. The Cowboys the rape. Do you know that Danny's sentiment and Carmen if alcohol will be part of something very special. It will be the Monster Monster Monster Jam at the All Sand Arena in Rosemont fans will witness a fierce battle for the event championship. With each skilled monster Jim athlete tearing up the dirt with gravity defying defeats in £12,000 Monster Jam trucks going head to head for points in freestyle skills Challenge racing competitions is more and more you get your tickets at ticketmaster dot com. Caller 10 regular line 312332, ESPN 3323776 If you want to go in a special suite with Carmen and Zed for the Monster jam at Allstate Arena, be Caller 10. We'll hook you up with tickets are way of saying thanks for listening to Captain J. Hood. Alright up next our good friend, the CEO Bernie's bookbag, Darren, you'd Nick on The unity walk will be doing on the 23rd 25 miles. You can help your back. This is our new Morning Show Cap and Jay Hood Morning 7 to 10. PN 1000 and the ESPN Chicago APP..

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