Jim Colmey, President Trump, Director discussed on Erin Burnett OutFront - Comey: Trump said 'I need loyalty, I expect loyalty,' Comey To Testify Tomorrow, Washington On Edge


A vote to hear you expand on your sentence about you at the rich off a had that i was going to come back to us so what because i was it was a jim colmey that made you wanna rents amadeo as just the the the the the vision of a small table in the green room with the president and the fbi director seeded they're having a quite legend a cavernous room with two navy stewards waiting on them and director colmey feeling uncomfortable awkward knowing that they shouldn't be says the loyal yet plaid yes has asked with allowed to do this for forty eight years and david you could certainly speeches forty eight years fbi director hoover who puppet strings and had presidents on their heels we now have a president that was attempting to put an fbi director on his heel so so let me ask because when it comes to obstruction of justice which i now john jinnah jeffrey toobin agree on they believe that this document shows that that happy that that that indeed happen i wanna read the quote for you all about what jim comey says happened with the flynn investigation are just to get your full analysis here because this is obviously going to be one of the most crucial parts of this a along with of course the loyalty pledge and the president not being under investigation here too i had understood rights colmey the president to be requesting that we drop any investigation of flint in connection with false statements about his conversations with the russian ambassador in december i did not understand that the president to be talking about the broader investigation into russia or possible links to his campaign i could be wrong but i took him to just be focusing on what had happened with flynn's departure.

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