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News is it's a procedure for being allowed to security when you cannot prove who you say, you are the bad news is meet your new best friend who I will call here by the pseudonym of officer, upper I will let you pay your own picture of what his first and middle initials may be a leave out describing the anger and the despair in the fear in the waiting and like your experience leave out the white down and the testing of Han shoes zippers carry on's and how to wear I won't even well on the. A pack down technique that had me wondering if my wife had been allowed in the room, the officer would've asked her mind, if I with your date at no the worst, the absolute worst was a never ending barrage of Seinfeld esque monologue, while he did it because no Tony I didn't get an explanation of just how much of a romp in the back of the Ford Fairlane. I was about to enjoy I got instead the comedy stylings of officer and his one line pearls of observational humor. It was a hostage situation. Not because I object to the need for a thorough physical search and such a situation. I really don't wanna why parenthetically, but because of the fear that make it worse. I was compelled to chuckle after every single autopsy of a joke while a stranger felt me up. Nothing will make you anger than having a guy airport sticks hand on your pants and then casually as so who's here from outta town. Wondering what the? The show up by Hampton Nager, Dallas. Scrape? Douglas, Devon in Adrian, Michigan one two three four unread emails. I'd like to thank the good people at Kohl's for sending ten emails day tilt. This wonderful dream come true. Aided solicit. Subscribe unsubscribe, Omar, Nadya, porterville, California. My six year old son has started to obsess about sports to the point that he's constantly trash talk in the opponents on the screen. We started to watch the game in for some reason got attached to the green team Binghamton to the point where he was trash talking the purple team northwestern when the score got to forty eight nineteen became inconsolable and put a blanket over set and looks like he was going to cry. Luckily, a quick trip to McDonald's. Happy meal fixed them right up needless to say, we didn't watch anymore the game. My son's name is Mike Tony six, but he knows a lot about sports. The numbers Sean from Chicago. I'm writing to enquire how you recent decision to become a Notre Dame bar has affected Chatters bottom line. It has helped Notre Dame fans of the Subaru drivers of college sanctimony. Only matched by their frugality when you have nobody. And then people come in. They can be frugal for a while. And it helps the bottom line. Dr Tony want cheap Subaru drivers in your four profit restaurant bodies, baby. I want bodies willingness Ottis from Martin top Zoli, by the way, we have a professor of political science from Florida Gulf Coast here today case, anybody needs political science team lecture of tap is only thank you for cleaning up that you didn't do your homework for the Binghamton and northwestern game. I couldn't tell from some of the softball questions. You receiving during what's better color was better mascot, come on? You miss degrade opportunity discuss Bearcats excrement reeks of buttery popcorn. I learned this factoring tour at the San Diego safari park over the weekend or our tour guide who was. Also transplant from northern Virginia. Shoutout to the Amazon Alexa, noted that the Bearcats trainer can no longer hold his stomach around. Popped corn kernels covered and saturated fats tried to process. This fact, I also contemplated. If I was having a David Aldridge moment. I thought to myself maybe this guy found a way around the Twenty-three me. Thank you for the laughs and solicit you know, what to do from Neilan Rockville. You did check after your experience to make sure that the guy was TSA agent, right? From Joe far hat in Minneapolis. So Washington took Mark. But fumble Sanchez over the Peterman or any of them account and mcdown brothers. What a world we live in these days. Neilan Rockville again when Michael be opening up the chatter shirt and Curio shop at twelve in the morning. Black Friday specials always open if you're out of your bike. Everyone is always do wear white. Tony.

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