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Starting next segment. I've got Michael Lombardi, who was an NFL writer for the athletic. A former NFL GM. Also this hour, Michigan State quarterback Rocky Lombardi, Michigan state with a huge win over Michigan. Meantime, I am taking your telephone calls. You have the number. If not, I'll give it to you one more time. 1 806 368686 can hit me up on Twitter. Jim Rome and somehow, some way we're having email issues. Again. I'm told it will be fixed by the end of the program. Gotten a TP coming up. We finish my thoughts on that state's Bears game. And whims. Throwing not one but two punches to a guy wearing a helmet. So what's going through his head? What's going through his head. Why would you punch a guy in the head wearing helmets like a dumbest thing? Ever? The only thing dumber than that is doing it a second time. What could have prompted that? Why would you ever run up on a dude? And punch him in the helmet twice. Well, one explanation might be that it goes back to the previous Siri's. You see, after a play, there was some sort of exchange between whims and C. J. G. J. And while they were talking, CJ gj ripped the mouthpiece off of whims, his face mask and through it to the ground. Now that probably is over the line. Probably over the line. Is it a reason ago? Debatable, but probably over the line. I gotta admit, it's pretty funny. For somebody not cracks me up him jerking that mouthpiece off his face mask and Troy to the ground actually made me laugh. For the record Tom Palace, Sarah reports. The whims told the Bears coach is that C J G. J spit on him as well during that exchange. I don't know that part did or did not happen. We've talked about this on the show for years. Spitting on somebody is disgusting. It's despicable. It's hideous, grotesque, and that is, in fact, a reason to go. But if you look at the video, it's not clear that whims reacts the way somebody would react if they were spit on right If somebody spits on you, you respond immediately. You don't wait If somebody spits in your face, you don't just file that away. That's a reason to go and almost everybody in the history of the world does And they do so right then and right there, they do it when it happens. But Wednesday in he waited He had to wait because his Evan Sacks points out on Twitter. He was subbed out on the next play. And just before the next play whims. His mouthpiece is on the field and one of the Bears offensive lineman throws it away, so the Bears end up pawning. The Saints get great fuel position after the return, and they end up kicking a field goal. Then the bearsoffense comes back out on the field and on the first play off their drive whims gets his revenge. Sort of not really. In fact, not even close. He gets his revenge in the sense that as soon as that play was dead, he did run up on C. J G. J from behind. I don't know. Maybe he even shouted out. Hey, yo, Remember me? But what he did try to dio. He tried to rip C J. J's mouthpiece out. In retaliation. It didn't work. But then he punched him in the helmet twice. Then he got tackled that he got ejected from the game, which is awesome is the best thing ever. Just so we're clear he didn't wander over to this guy. They didn't meet up again in a pile or the end of a play. My man sprinted over to him. I love the whims just sitting on the sideline planning his attack. You know this guy's there figuring out how to make sure that C J. G. J gets his And the best thing that he could come up with. Was punching the guy in the helmet with his bare hand and doing it again and getting wrecked in a fight and getting ejected and may be suspended and may be losing his job. One amazing sequence that Wass His former wide receiver Torrey Smith. Tweeted quote, some thoughts, number one. I have never seen anything like this. Number two..

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