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In a very dangerous situation right now. He says people who live near the Arkansas river or behind Levy should remain vigilant because of accusations could still be necessary. There is heavy rainfall again in the area today on the News Radio one thousand KT, okay whether studio. Cool by hill, and company. You're train comforts specialist. It's hard to top hill. More rain cloudy today, and the Oklahoma City metro area, a high today about sixty eight a low tonight, a fifty eight and then we get a break for a little bit on Thursday, sunny and a high of seventy seven partly cloudy on Friday, a high of eighty two I'm Beth Myers. K T. O K, NewsRadio one thousand okay studios or a service of universal men's clinic for medical solutions for low T. Learn more. Universalmensclinic dot com. Coming up this weekend. It's a tough back of life to accept. But if you choose to live, you'll have to find ways to protect yourself, especially when it comes to your money, whether protecting yourself from scams, losing your life savings in the stock market, or your ability to leave a legacy to your kids after getting remarried disease. You've constantly have to be on your guard. We're gonna share our best protection tips on. It's all about the money. Honey? Katie. Okay. Most listen to weaken financial show Saturday at one pm and Sunday at six. Here's another lifesaving story from advanced body scan skeleton, and I was symptom free. I had no idea. I had it. My kidney was full of cancer and head. I avoided it would've moved in my blood strain,.

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