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Have been showing the support for the pop singer. Demi Lovato who's in hospital in Los Angeles after a suspected drug overdose. A US Republican politician from Georgia, Jason Spencer who pulled down his trousers and repeatedly yelled the n. word on Sasha baron. Cohen's TV show will resign later this month, his segment on the show has gone viral with more than two point. Five million views on YouTube. Richard Hamilton told me more about what happened. Sasha baron. Current is famous for his alter ego. So in the past we've had ally Bohr atom Bruno, and it's the same formula hair. This time, there's new characters. One of them is a Maasai agent and Isreaeli intelligence officer called Aaron Murad. But of course, it's really Sacha baron Cohen and gets Georgia state Representative, Jason, Spencer he gets them him into a gym, and he's pretending to train him into how to deal with ISIS terrorists or anti-terrorism training, including putting a a self. And I found underneath a burqa to see if someone's a terrorist. So let's have a clip of the show I cease of scared of being seen as almo innovated almo- if you're buttock touch them, it may become a homosexual. Now I am going to teach you how to use your buttocks to intimidate. I show me about the note president. Okay. Go America. Mr Spencer have been facing mounting calls to resign Richard. So what has the reaction been? Not very impressed. So amongst the Republicans, the governor Nathan deal, he said he was saddened and disgusted. The state house speaker, David Rolston demanded his resignation as did two other candidates who running for the next governor's office for the Republican side. So Brian Kemp said, it's not just being politically incorrect. His behavior was unacceptable. And so another candidate, Casey giggled said he should apologize and resign. Now he says, he's been duped. Yeah, this is quite an interesting moral dilemma. We've had this in the British tabloid press. For example, when they do sting operations like that, son has had characters like the fake shake who forced football manages to resign. So I, it's, it's this question of whether they've been entrapped or duped. But Mr Spencer said he'd been tricked into doing offensive things and you wonder if that sort of denying any. Responsibility. Richard Hamilton, American Airlines and Cathay Pacific have become the latest international carriers to bow to China's demands to change the way they refer to Taiwan. Steven McDonald reports China's foreign ministry. Spokesman has described news, America's largest airlines will stop referring to Taiwan as a country as a positive development. However, at a regular press briefing gung swung declines to say with the Beijing now considered any other carriers to be in breach of its demands regarding Taiwan, nor what repercussions they may face head of today's Beijing imposed deadline, American Airlines, delta and United started referring on their websites to the city of Taipei as a destination, but not Taiwan. Steven McDonnell. The Fiat Chrysler car company says it's former chief executive. Sergio, Mark Yanni has died aged sixty six. Fear legged assesses his legacy plain-speaking and inclined to. Sweaters and jeans rather than the sharp suits favored by many industry executives such mock Yanni, had a reputation for being, but decisive and ruthless. An accountant by training. He took control at fair in two thousand and four. At the time, the company was in serious financial trouble despite opposition from talion unions and some politicians. He was able to introduce major reforms and turn the business around in two thousand nine here viscera deal under which fair effectively took control of the bankrupt. US con John Chrysler and became a major player in the global car industry. The legged the American pop singer Demi Levato is recovering in hospital after a suspected drug overdose. It's prompted an outpouring of support from her fans. Alice porter has more details. I five Roger engine ninety seven twenty five on collages eighty eighty Wessler overview drives teased..

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