President Trump, Global Security Institute, Jane Goodall Institute discussed on Background Briefing


The clear unambiguous commitment that's needed clinches the commencement of negotiations on a full comprehensive treaty eliminating nuclear weapons and again i'm speaking with jonathan gone off is the president of the global security institute is says on numerous coveting advisory boards including the lawyers committee for nuclear policy the jane goodall institute the ngo committees on disarmament and middle pows initiative and he's also a senior adviser and united nations representative of the permanent secretariat of the well summits of nobel peace laureates and ambassador for peace security and nuclear disarmament of the parliaments of the world's religions so and i might add to flush she just told us their intensive reagan you use it all started with a cage opinion and the cia getting together after the cuban crisis buffet there was also the avalanche a crisis in november of nine in eighty three and that had a profound effect on little reagan who was a a real hawk uh when he first started out and in a cap wind berger was talking about nuclear decapitation which the the gerontocracy in the kremlin took very personally uh reagan said the savage would end up on the sheep of history they interpreted that as a nuclear threat and of course president reagan was having fun taunting the wounded bear been able to watch a really shook reagan up when he landed his words were taken seriously by the russian leadership and they almost went to nuclear war of nothing it's bad enough to have a nuclear war on purpose they have won by accident is unconscionable and this new nuclear posture review leads us more into that territory in it because they're talking about lowyield nuclear.

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