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Dot com station downtown Minneapolis studios news talk eight three WCCO this is Minnesota's most trusted station for news good morning sunshine fifty eight degrees now it's seven oh three I'm Steve Sampson all eyes on Saint Paul today where legislators will gavel in a special session to deal with big ticket public construction projects but now a series of bills dealing with policing and policing and racial equality in the wake of the death of George Floyd include changing the criteria for when use of force is warranted prohibiting chokeholds bringing social service professionals into the public safety round and making changes to police oversight among other things governor Tim long these reforms have been needed for a long time these reforms have been thought out these reforms have been implemented in other places and the data shows that they work the plan also expands training for de escalation and mental health crisis intervention Democrats of course lead to house Republicans the Senate are Susie Jones had an opportunity to speak earlier this week with Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka who is sending more modest expectations Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka shared his thoughts on the special session with me just before going in to be part of George Floyd's funeral in Minneapolis he told me his priorities include a bonding bill a tax bill and covert nineteen help the bigger more complex issues of criminal justice reform and education reform for the inner city we we do need to roll up our sleeves and work on I I if I don't want to promise that June twelfth is the day I think honestly I think that's unrealistic he says they've been working for weeks and weeks on those issues and they should not make decisions hastily on reform still he realizes that it is necessary in the west metro Susie Jones news talk eight three WCCO you just heard from governor walls live senator Gazelka will join Dave Lee at seven twenty here at WCCO as the legislature convenes protesters pledged to continue to apply pressure how we gonna stop margin we gonna stop demanding for justice the time for conversation has long passed and the time for immediate action is now that was the message.

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