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John tried we remember him worse the past with doing one five eight zero eight zero eight ten we take this to the bottom of the hour and then your favorite movies for this season pass arranger and general will join me at seven thirty L. and and I've got to tell you that Josh's put together all the sound so when when Jan mentions a movie you'll hear the sound let's go to your calls now Gregory from San Ramon you waited a long time Gregory thank you for your patience thank you John Hey the lady was right you are a breath of fresh air and we all love listening to you thank you Sir alrighty you welcome I'm originally from Kansas but I heard the culling go west young man go west I think I think you can't get out of Dodge I had to know Republicans are you are you trying to destroy the state what is happened in Kansas today is a Republican Democrat saying we finally finally have a democratic governor once again and those Republicans or is it just a big whole blue to hate to say we have control and then the other thing is we have a Senate races that they want to put another Republican in place so this like let's do all of this so we can keep the state Republican then don't have a democratic senator we have been given credit governor if that's what it's all of you know it's it's a far cry when Kansas had a governor like alf Landon or a governor like Fred a hole or a senator like Bob Dole or Nancy Kassebaum Landon a Kansas Republicans were moderate in their approach and something has gone seriously wrong in the Republican Party I do not believe in until late this is Democrats can get more gain more control the Kansas Kansas will see the light once again these people are doing the right thing the Republicans are only doing it just to destroy the Democrats and that's what people have to realize is that the church thing it's really not because the Catholic church's uses dogs to temples the the the evangelicals are trying to run over run all of the religious orders there excuse me for interrupting excuse me for a thing I've been looking for this the stay with me this just came across the wires two minutes ago okay great Kansas alone a virus update the Supreme Court sided with governor Laura Kelly in the fight over church crowds just broke I heard it here first on the John Rothman program on KGO and I know I know one of the justices on the Supreme Court to won't say which one wonderful you know this is just going to put fire under the Republicans to go harder harder now anything that she does then carefully to do this what sort of what the governor there one time too and she's a great supporter of any democratic and moderate Republican there then and can't and will come out of this ahead in the long run John thank you so much for your time and I sure appreciate it thank you thank you so much I appreciate that okay let me just tell you the Kansas coronavirus update the Supreme Court ruling four minutes ago four minutes ago you can't say we're not on top of everything here KGO they ruled the governor Kelly is right on this thing dealing with churches it's a tremendous blow to the Republican Party no question about it and and you know what they deserve this review they deserve the rebuke thank god the Kansas Supreme Court for the first time standing up on this overruling the Legislative Council and siding with the governor of the state or Kelly it's it's fascinating the Kansas Supreme Court reinstated governor Laura Kelly's ban on large church crowds by determining that a Republican led panel does not have the power to overrule an executive order Kelly's order limiting religious gatherings to no more than ten individuals is now in effect for Easter Sunday morning services and by the way the court did not consider whether governor Kelly's order infringes on religious freedom instead this is what's amazing thank god for secular democracy instead justice is focused on the language of a hastily drafted resolution passed by the legislature shortly before adjourning in March the resolution granted the governor emergency powers for responding to cold at nineteen and attempting attempted to give the legislative coordinating council the authority to reverse any executive order issued by the governor this decision follow historic arguments held entirely by video conference because of the virus for the first time in the court's history in caps for days of high stakes political posturing I want you to understand the governor move to limit church crowds in response to the outbreak of this virus connected the church events in Kansas a panel of five Republicans and two Democrats overturned the governor's order Republicans objected to the possibility that someone well could be arrested or fined for going to church I just want you to understand the Attorney General who is a Republican Eric Schmidt distributed a memo telling law enforcement to ignore the governor's directives and now you have the decision by the Supreme Court of Kansas what a marvelous tribute to American democracy and I'm so glad it happened on my watch here on KGO let's go to Fred Fred calling from San Jose friend welcome to KGO hi John hi Fred I'm so glad that the vast majority of places of worship have the good sense to remain closed during the span technique but for those of want to open I'd like to remember the story of lord Jesus was tempted by the devil for himself down from the top of the temple and the double sure that the angels with stay home for many harm and Jesus said you shall not pollute more diet guards to this test by the way I also support a woman's right to choose that's all I have to say John up the good work we'll do our best we'll do our best thank you and have a happy holiday up four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten leave you understand tonight was a marvelous night what made it so marvelous because before we go to channel all of the fun of movies and religion we can celebrate the fact that reason veiled over a logical passion eight I hope the people of Kansas I understand but the Republican Party was prepared to put Kansas is in danger.

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