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On route nine southbound crash had past route thirty four you're backed up to about the Parkway. Now at this point on southbound side of nine hand further south into old bridge. You got a crash at Cindy street. Northbound crash now reported ferry road. This report sponsored by Staples. Staples has a huge selection of Ican toner, always in stock and always price low. See what's in store? This holiday at your local Staples and give your printer the gift of ink and toner. Staples, better news on the turnpike. Northbound truck lanes that record fifteen is now gone. We do have a stalled vehicle though, southbound Carleen just after exit eleven for the Parkway that blocks a right lane. And the Parkway crash cleaned up southbound at one forty seven still pretty busy northbound though, one forty up through one forty five and in north on seventy eight westbound exit fifty six the offramp they're partially blocked with a stalled vehicle we've got delays through New Brunswick on eighteen and you've still got a crash on thirty three eastbound in Farmingdale getting up to colts neck road. Not too bad across the Hudson, just about a fifteen minute. Wait at the Lincoln hand only about five at the Holland tunnel. Jeff from New Jersey traffic north Christina south, oh, New Jersey traffic south. So the northbound side of ninety five is very heavy moving into six fifty six in west stepford that off ramp exit nineteen it's blocked. We have an accident being worked on their sales. So please to just be prepared to be hitting the brakes. Now additionally northbound ninety five but up into the area of Hopewell very slow moving by five seventy nine and the southbound side of ninety five from route seventy three to route forty two impacts were definitely under the speed limit fifty five northbound after three twenty two jammed up with an overturn don't trucks still in the process of being cleared away. The right lanes taken out by that six seventy six thousand around forty cheers, pretty slow. So it was forty two south.

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