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Of your boehner voting in a give you three new stories that are examples of bad stupid are funny human behavior and you will decide of these three which is the worst of these three which one deserves to go forward to boehner fight and possibly be come boehner of the day we'll give you a two candidates now than a third candidate after the big boy news once you've heard all three you'll vote and then one of you lucky random boehner voters will receive aid gray sees gift card nice okay all right so here is boehner candidate number one he zhob humiliation wiz up water stories coming out of the sea way way i wonder of what's up dehaan i dunno her are they are they tired of florida getting older nods maybe a tendency teacher who posted on social media of a students his job or were head scarf if you will being taken off in her classroom has been fired new vision academy charter school sudden statement the teachers no longer an employee of the school citing a lack of judgement and cultural sensitivity the video was posted on snapchat and it bore the caption pretty hair a second video was caption l o l all that hair covered up footage showed the girl with a hand covering her face presumably in embarrassment as her his job was removed from her head national school maintains the teacher didn't remove the his job and that no malicious intent was behind the incident it's unclear who removed the scarf but the teacher was clearly present yeah the school has apologized to the student and her family because she expressed a sense of humiliation it was kind of forcibly removed that she didn't wanna take out now boehner candidate number more his job humiliation boehner candidate number two you know you know slums are caused by one simple thing what's up well the home a homeland security official in the trump administration thinks that of the slums are caused by blacks their caused caused by a homeland security official in the trump administration appointed to cultivate unity among community organisations as quit following publication of some earlier comments in which he blamed the slums on the laziness drug use and sexual promiscuity of african americans ex but hurt cnn uncovered the constituents in the reverend jim jamie johnson he expressed amal he was host of a radio program in iowa and as a guest on.

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