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Six eighty give you have any questions comments testimonials anything all we'd love to hear from you here on the program all right now the dr jeffrey shapiro assistant professor of and little medicine and cardiologist at new york purse mature enough but ultimately university and and why you line go medical center he is board certified in internal medicine cardiovascular disease and is areas of expertise include party altering clinical cardiologist and the heart disease good morning doctor unhappy new year the morning show on how are you today we're just fun alone trying to a stick to my new year's resolution of to be that that healthier i'm on the mediterranean died of diaper say but this trying to eat the better selection of foods this year and i get myself an overall better and also so far so good and i'm really enjoying the eating healthier in amazing off easy it is to do it when you stick your mind to it right you're absolutely right you know many people thought up in a year or revolution what the term it and it really we should you know yet it's part of it but it's really lifestyle to lifestyle change that you have undergo with just getting into eating healthy is really the key the proper diving i mean diving always is sort of like in the back of my mind oh we got a guy to lose weight but you really happy healthy and eating healthy and and exercising and getting could sleep it's all part of the healthy good of a formula for the better part health and for better general help and he hasn't weren't what did you make because people who the were diet and the cringe you know no i'm going to be restrict team calories i'm going to not eat my favorite foods and it starts off of a negative but if you start often a positive i'm going to eat healthier i will get more exercise i'm gonna get more sleep who can't who's guard gotten fat i mean it's all good stuff that that's the formula for for success that absolutely is and the reason why we want you to have that formula for success.

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