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Gifts. There. You pick opportunities from not just picking apples and pumpkins but roses eggs. All right. So you should understand folks that I have a woman I buy garden roses from when my parents passed I inherited a bunch of random things, including some really ugly Moreno glass. Forgive me, if I've insulted anyone my mom used to collect it. And so I gave it to this woman down the road in Duncans mills who has kind of an antique Curio shop. But she's also a flower farmer. And so for a year and a half after my mom passed. My mother was buying me. Gardiner isn't that wonderful? There's a real connection to those kinds of things in our community isn't there, and this is an opportunity to go and talk to the people who raised these things who nurture these things some of whom are second third fourth fifth generation farmers, right? Yes. And their tours and demonstrations and workshops, and it's really an amazing way to connect with your local food shed. Well, and and the point is that you can develop relationships that feed you all year long. The spirit and the soul. So what are the things? I like is I I'm complaining about this rather publicly with a polite and warm heart that the county doesn't really as a county officially in my opinion, and the impending many other beloved folk celebrate the harvest the way it should. But we're working on it. Everybody's working on it. And one of the things that's happened. Is there is a new event called honoring the whole animal? I love that a lot, you know, dusky ESTES, our friend from Zaza says that she raises her animals, very carefully and thoughtfully they have a wonderful life and only one bad day. And and frankly, if they don't notice it it's done so carefully. So here it says meet and fall in love with our small and dedicated meat producers, pork chicken duck. Beef lamb are talented, wool and fiber artists are cheese ice cream and yogurt. Make all the people. I love mean. I'll I'll need is a strawberry farmer and I'm sat right. And this is Saturday October thirteen. Two thousand eighteen and at the Veterans Memorial building in Santa Rosa from nine AM to one PM and the admission folks is free. These are people who really want you to share and find out it's there's education tasting writing and petting always an important aspect and much more. So today, we have a visitor so Catherine third from the four H foundation. Yes. Big active part of helping with the heritage Turkey project is which we by. We'll talk about it in a minute. But but you been involved with four H for a long time. Yes, we have leaders, and but we're also members of slow food Russian river, which is the organization sponsoring the honoring the whole animal, and what's the thinking behind it. I mean, I know what the eating and tasting. How long has this been planned? It's actually been in the planning for about two years. And it is just what it says to honor the whole animal. There's a lot of controversy over meet these days, and but there's a lot of people that are out trying to preserve heritage breeds. Which is done by by harvesting them. Yeah. By by taking care of them. Market for them. Exactly. And this is also pointing to the other things the other products of the animal. So in other words, will I mean, we have some incredible weavers, and we're not talking about here. It is right. So yeah, we're gonna have a number of people there Heather from Heather's meets is. Beef specialty in this area, and they're Sarah. And Marc from green star far very, very farm. Yes. And great people. They have Soifer free eggs and delicious. Stay also have a wonderful selection of meats, lamb, and chicken. Right. I wait a second. Folks. I want you to know that we're talking to Catherine THAAD from heritage Turkey, actually your. I'm with the snow mechanic heritage Turkey project. Okay with slow food Russian river. Okay. And what do you do during the day? What's your day job? She's not gonna tell me he works. No. But we're talking to Carmencita from farm trails. All right. So who else is going to be there, and how does it work? Well, let's see we have Tom splitter. Who makes beautiful spinning wheels. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Working tools wool working tools. Jan from Vega. Pastures makes hats and wool spun from her own sheep. We've got Hazel from data pastures is selling yarns and at eighty. Pillow. I bought a pillow from her. Mazing? I wanted things I love is that you're referring to all these people by their first names. And that's oftentimes how they're known at a farmers market, right or at at at any kind of a gathering, you know, there's Tom with those wonderful eggs from Armstrong. And that's always say, I mean, people think that Alice waters, invented the share phenomenon of chefs and food people, right? Oh, it's Alice. Right. And and we do that. But we do that with farmers and people in our in our community who make and raise wonderful foods, and who we trust. And who we love gas. And we will also have a blacksmith they're getting demonstrations at a soap maker Shing teaching soap making and Strauss farm will be there. Oh, my God to help to show kids how to make butter call. So it's going to be a wonderful date. Now can people sign up before should they just show up and just show up for that as long as they've gone through the farm. Well, anybody could come to that portion of it. But but but you. Actually, like them to go through the farm bureau's dot org website and go register and read see what else is happening that whole weekend. It sounds like a good idea. Now, look we're going to bring the four H R in an a minute. But why don't you tell me a little bit? Katherine about that. Heritage Turkey project, real quick. The oh, you want me type of that? Heritage Turkey project is something that we've been doing that. We're in our thirteenth season with slow food Russian river and snow mccown for each and every year we have somewhere from nine to twelve kids that are raising turkeys on their own land. And then we sell them, and what's the date? They did dinner. His November forthright would ranch in Glen ellyn. We'll get rid of meat a four in person live and in person right here. When we come back. We're going to be talking more about harvest in about how our kids how all generations are participating are sharing. You know, whatever we do the focus is the table right here. The drive with Steve Jackson Andy Field. ABC news. Michael Cohen, the president's former attorney and fixer the guy who said he would take a bullet for the president apparently isn't doing that anymore. Afternoons here on FM news, talk radio one zero three five and ninety four five. Ks are FM news talk radio north county. One zero three five some county ninety four five k s r. Oh. So yes. It's not locked up received by ABC news less than an hour ago. A copy of an Email sent to the Republican majority of the Senate Judiciary committee by lawyers for Christine Blasi Ford. She accuses supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh of sexual assault years ago back in high school, her attorneys say she agrees to testify, but accuses the committee of not acting in a fair and impartial way and asking for more negotiations to work out details ABC's, Kenneth moten Blasi fours. Attorney writing to the Senate Judiciary committee your cavalier treatment of a sexual assault. Survivor who has been doing her best to cooperate with the committee is completely inappropriate GOP. Chairman took Grassley tweeted directly to Cavanaugh about the deadline extension. I hope you understand is not my normal approach to be indecisive negotiations. Stalled Friday, the main sticking point Blasi force team said she couldn't testify until Thursday to give her time to dry from California to DC Chuck Sivertsen. ABC news Sunday September thirtieth. Ks SRO has. Reserved the square in Santa Rosa to recognize the heroes of October..

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