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Businesses to do this will hurt businesses and I'm not utilizing coronavirus covert nineteen or any crisis as a way to push ideology that's going to hurt these businesses when Ohio says sorry restaurants can open when your city so sorry bars can open that's the wrong move when the Wynn and MGM in Vegas they were going to close voluntarily that's the right move it's up to them to which I would sell governor Eric Holcomb do not go about saying that restaurants would close its mistake Sir don't make the mistake that others are making if the CDC says fifty people or less as restaurants not to have more than fifty people in the ceiling and then they can arrange for that and I think most restaurants well most restaurants are small enough anyway but most restaurants okay maybe we can make this work maybe we have reduced hours may keep people at least someone employed because with the CDC is saying is you don't have to be totally isolated that's clearly what they're saying but social distancing has a value and social distancing matters to be able to reduce the total number of cases coming in at any one time so we don't overwhelm health care workers we can do this without being reactionary which is why we should the Senate should not pass the bill they should go back to the house they do it again and why the governor Eric Holcomb should not respond in kind like Ohio and Illinois more on Tony Casale eleven o'clock map there has traffic.

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