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Mike Mayock some tempers starting to flare the stands to our left other some cowboy jerseys in front of some eagles fans and that ROY. Yeah. That's never good. Forty two yard field goal. Try for trying to make it a sixteen to six ballgame snap is. Now, the kick is all the way for Maher show. Good wide to the right was his fourth this season. And the eagles to keep the Cowboys off the scoreboard with seven thirty nine to go in the third. Jones got a doubt got the laces spotted Maher just pushed that one to the right? They cut Dan Bailey and training camp. And that was kind of a controversial move. But the young kid mohair kick Burberry well until missing a field goal. Very important field goal against Washington. Three point loss. On her misses this one see if that comes back to haunt. The Cowboys lead remains seven with seven thirty nine to go in the third and Carson Wentz. And the eagles will take over first and ten thirty two yard line three receivers to the right of the line. Wants out of the shotgun. Small to his right. The give to small sweeps. The left side got one block of stiff arm trying to stiff are banned Arash out of his way that didn't go. Well for small ward is his thrown into the turf of the thirty five yard line. After a pickup of three good block out in front by Jason Kelsey, probably the most low ball center in the entire NFL. But this band arrived first round pick at two hundred and fifty five pounds. He can run with Sean Lee injured, and in Sean Lee is one of the best linebackers in this NFL by far, but he's injured so often, and he makes so much money. Now, Dan rash is next up and leaves out again with a hamster second down at seven at the thirty five yard line from the gun. Went play action. Throws a quick slant. Low throw, but a good throwing catch to Jeffrey at the forty five yard line that was low by design that time Geoffrey went down to get it for the first down. I think Carson throws that balls. Well, as anybody in the leg, and it's just. It's an RPO quick quick fake to the running back. And then the slant the Jeffrey I think he feels comfort by the size of Jeffrey who's able to get the defensive back on his back. Allusion was that defensive back on his back? I ten forty five three receivers left to the line. Jeffrey, second cat. She's got twenty one yards receiving. Adams the running back play action whence with time pressure comes now. He's in trouble. And once is going to be sacked he pumped once he pump twice and dropped at the forty four yard line in the arms of tyrod Crawford. I thought he had Zakar it's about twelve to fourteen yards on the deep end route. And as he climbed the pocket as you said, he hitched onc- hitched again didn't pull the trigger. There was a lot of traffic in the middle of the field. I think he was concerned about another turnover..

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