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Is a Brexit deal 'almost within touching distance'?


And the for getting the vote in parliament is being pushed further and further away. If you get into January, then you need to have the government needs to have started its preparations for a no deal substantially before that. So that's that's why there's this crunch in the next couple of days because even though you know. You could reach an agreement next week. But then you can't get the formal signing off until December. How could they reach an agreement? I mean, if they don't find the solution, which as far as I understand they haven't for the Irish border. Then the entirety of the UK remains in the European customs union, right? So that's not really a Brexit. Only in the backstops situation. There isn't it? I mean, that's if no trade deal is right? We call it a backstop. But what it means you k- stays backstop? I don't understand what I do understand. Is you case stays in the customs union. Right. So I think I think that Brexit. Well, I think the the the government would make the point that the intention would be to sign a broader trade deal ahead of the backstop kicking in and therefore they could come up with something that would represent something closer to a real Brexit at that point. But also a trade agreement that obviously protects business. This is the government would how would how they would present it. But obviously again, this is why we've got. Such divisions over the over what Prime Minister Theresa may is doing she's she's facing opposition from all factions and from. Some members of different parties. And it's precisely because it's a question of what is Brexit? Brexit be delivered. And we'll let people who voted for it. Yes. Because there was no loss of detail on the question that was answered back in in the summer of two thousand sixteen. Thank you very much. Bloomberg's UK government reporters to it bakes. I was getting world national news for that. We go to Markus Karlsson, Marcus. Much Matt thirteen undeclared North Korean missile operating bases have been identified. According to a new report. It's believed the secret sites could be used to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles, Bloomberg's pizza pay has more details. The research group, we catalyzed commercially available satellite images identify thirteen sites believed to have underground facilities. Attaining mobile launchers report comes to nuclear the US or North Korea hit another snag last week with a New York meeting between secretary of state COPA peyot in North Korea. Stopping Goshi eater was abruptly castle in so Peter pay Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Italy's government may offer a minor concession when it resubmits its budget to the EU admitting its spending plans will have a smaller economic impacts than projected the Italian newspaper is solid of Antequera aura says that the government will cut. It's twenty nineteen growth. Target to his lowest one point three percent from one and a half percent previously. Italy has until today to send a revised budget. To the commission after its first draft was rejected last month. Violence continues in southern Israel and Gaza after militants fired rockets over the border and the army attacked military sites in the strip. Bloomberg's Jonathan reports Palestinians launch more than three hundred rockets mortars at Israel. It was the worst one day barrage in four years Israeli air force jets struck at least seventy targets across the territory, which is ruled by the militant Islamic group HAMAs. It was just a day before that both sides said they were trying to work out a ceasefire gelatin, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. And Angela Merkel addresses the European parliament today, the German Chancellor will use her speech today on her agenda for the block going forward. Bloomberg's Patrick Donahue reports. You leaders will meet an a month in Brussels to thrash out a new plan to integrate the euro area. Merica will also talk about Europe defending itself. Better is the global order is shaken a question hanging over the German Chancellor will be how much forty she can preserve after she gives up the leadership Christian. Credit union next month and Berlin, Patrick Donahue. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Global news twenty four hours a day on Aaron it takes on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Chris Carlson. This is Bloomberg markets. Thank you. Now. The latest European sports. He's his Lewis

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