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Modelling school backup dancer and then when i got to high school of course i wanted to be a cheerleader so i was on the chillier soi and yeah at this time are you openly gay i need no this i want to hear what's going on here oh my god i am so gay so single luckily i hit me up in the dm all i get is like girls like can you show this to kendall or kylie like i i don't get any dick pics i don't get anyone hitting on is this is it working you can go yes it just like coach him through so you know he needs some help i just don't it doesn't go down on the dan for me ever how does the point there'd be a line out the door maybe there's no now all like seventeen to twenty four year old girls which is mind i don't mind single i feel like you need a lie saying that i i don't know if i have a guy and la for me i think i'm more of a like a new york financiere person do you know what i mean air i'm arts and leisure i need business sophisticated i could see that big into your gangs more or less dichotomy of two opposite one hundred present okay makes sense so i wanna hear about i know this is michael is gonna get mad but i want to hear about erica jane oh i'm obsessed with her to everything isn't she it's expensive to me.

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