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England and Germany's sporting female stars showing how it can be done. And even with W series over the weekend, as well, let's hope we see some more progression into Formula One from Formula One's female future, female stars. Before the race, leclerc and saints weren't worried about George Russell being on pole because they said they had the pace to take care of Mercedes, but they hadn't factored in the fierce opposition that they would face from Czech notes. Oh, the Ferrari pit wall it says here. I'm joined by our chief editor Kevin Turner, Jess mcfadden, and at the track again this week racking up the air miles is Luke Smith. Luke, that was to me a masterful drive from Max Verstappen, who looks every bit oven ready for title number two. What do you reckon? Yeah, it is looking that way now. I must say Martin. I mean, 80 points as you say going into the summer break. He could miss the triple header and just come back in Singapore and still be leading the world championship. It's quite a daunting preposition that I think everyone has going into the second half of the season, but I think today again we saw just wire Max Verstappen is yeah, why he is probably the best driver on the grid right now, why he's performing so well. And even in a race where he made a pretty big arrow, let's face it, that's going to cost him a perfect ten on the driver rating. Sorry for any spoilers, but I know F one editor Matthew is working on that as we speak. And yeah, it was that era in the end didn't actually cost him the race win phenomenally. It was like, yeah, I really brilliant displayed by max. For his way from tenth on the grid slowly brought himself back into contention. The pace was there all along and yeah, when we got into the second stint and when he made that switch to the final set of medium tyres, that is what clenched it. His pace from there was so, so good. Ferrari definitely played into Red Bull's hands and definitely helped max win that race because yeah, they threw away what should have been a definite victory today. But yeah, I think they I think Verstappen again proved why he is the world champion elect. Why is the world champion and why ties with number two is really looking like a formality at this point because he's operating on such a high level right now even he can spin he can qualify tenth and still come back and comfortably win the race. Jess, we saw a brilliant overtake going into turn one from Verstappen for the lead, just amazing ultimate car control. How well did you rate his race? Yeah, I think I have to just echo Luke's comments. It was a champions drive. I think he said on the radio to his engineer GP said we stayed calm and we won the race and I think that is the epitome of Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing, at least on his side of the garage. It's very controlled, very determined. We even saw it at the start, you know, he was clearly out of position starting P ten today. But he managed to keep his nose clean, literally and figuratively speaking. And just stuck it where he knew he could tire management was a one strategy was a one and he's gone from P ten to winning the race, which is just kind of incredible when you consider how competitive Ferrari Mercedes was looking at least at the start of the weekend, but that quickly petered out. I know Lewis Hamilton has come out and said, if he hadn't had that DRS problem and finished as far back as he had, he had the pace to win the race today. Which you would, he was the fastest guy out on track as we drew the race to a close. I think there is definitely an argument to be had, but I know we don't really like to deal in what ifs because anything could have happened had it played out differently, but yeah, Max Verstappen, he I mean, I've been saying it for a little while now. I wanted it to not be the case, but I don't think max has a competitor this year. In terms of anybody that's going to be looking to challenge him, it would take an absolute implosion at Red Bull. For him to not walk away as the defending champion and champion again this year. And Kev, you've been critical of max before, which didn't win you too many Dutch fans, but you were just, you were just saying it as you saw it. On our season review podcast at the end of the year, you didn't dispute max's talent. You had some issues with the way he went racing. Do you think now that he's got that championship under his belt, you've seen him perhaps become more of a full package? What did you rate his race today? Yes, I think he is a more complete package. I mean, my main issue with him in 2021 was the will to will. Battling with his hands and we talked about that a lot and I think he's shown on numerous occasions this year that he is capable of fighting cleanly and winning and losing he can measure depending on the circumstances. Apart from perhaps I think you took liberties with Schumacher at Silverstone for a championship contender, which we talked about at the time, otherwise now I think he has been very he's becoming a complete package, but I will just take an issue a little bit with Luke and just like he's still throw it off today and had a spin and in another situation that costs you the win. Now he's had two mistakes in races this year in Spain and Hungary that would normally cost you points in its costume absolutely zero and the reason it's costume zero is because of other things going on, namely Mercedes still isn't quite quick enough and Ferrari are a shambles on the pit bull. But that's not maxis Phil. He's delivering. I thought it was a very cool calculated drive other than that moment. He always looked in control out there. Another commentary was getting quite excited about Lewis charging up, but I don't think there was any ever doubt that max was going to win it. I think Lewis second was probably all he was going to get. So now he's going to be in the world championship, no question. Do you think that on a different day on a different corner if he'd have spun perhaps into the gravel or hit a wall, taking himself out, people would have been much more critical of his car controller. I believe he was suffering at the time with either a slipping clutch or he had some technical problems, I think, that were causing him to change some settings on the wheel. Yeah, yeah, that's true. That's true, I think. Well, I thought it was a great recovery. He lost very minimal time. I mean, his car can travel. He's fantastic. I mean, remember the very sideways moment in Brazil in 2016, which I don't think many drivers would have got out of that one at interlagos.

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