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Melacou. Back Mella GonNa come Luzia whatever that is. Steve Chicago you still not right. We haven't seen Jamal James's next or not. So if he's not, we'll keep this stream going for the car. I know that I saw Willie Shaw in Had they. Is Jason. They showed Sean Wada's earlier on. Camera. So I don't I mean they gotTA show relate. To this, he's hearing what they're saying yeah. He's saying. I'm just saying that they have a concept that try out also, he must've heard that information somewhere i. Probably. Out to the two people that signed up since we subscribe. mean. They show all of This year and they did have a lot of good fight so far, bro Crazy Jason. How you got your soundboard up here why nest screen share and he making him beats for all his fighters I'm sorry. I don't. Make Lou beats for everybody. What else did I show? Earl Spencer Junior Danny. Garcia. November twenty first on pay per view that must be breaking news sufficient. Show with that time Bro I. Think my dad has. Oh they sidelined. To See my whole screen, you know you seen all my sound bites. Sean got that take cash tie on. That's so important. That's his own. Time. That's a dope sue dope color scheme alike it. What does he say? Aw Stephen Chicago keep posted it. He saying, Yo really wanted to fight for the I. B. Oh, that's a really wanted word is wrong word is born. Now, back really he actually say. Put the CAP. Needs to. Go. They're supposed to announce the final here's. Shout shout out to that. Lonely. Guy Wife Lewis. Family. Lists. Just bored. Press the Oh now is to shout out to the both of you. Okay. Now there's only one. Okay. Thank you. For a second misery loves company I. Know It was went from two to one. He must have heard what I said about the last loser the press thumbs down and change his mind he looked over his friend is like now champ I'm not I'm not it I know why it'd be big asked why don't you love boxing like us? We Love Boxing. We're here we love this like why you hate on us. Alone I thought all the flat left me I'm I'm I'm GonNa do this Mirella loan shall Lennox Island with ain't over? How. Many losses he got now Lennox. You had to come on here, roof your book though you bet the House to. Imagine that was a real better because he has sexy odds man this is why I don't bet I hate that Brad boxing is so Coach midday what up. Every day man that's. His. All good. That's I. I hope He. Gives. Them another fightback man he deserves that he deserves that man. Coach Lula about to go out and shit where are you going ahead and I'm going? No eminent. Hot, day today. I mean. was in. The palm cheese on the shirts Yo. L. Quick. Filipino that to the. Patriots. Is His name, you know shot off Filipino. Good to have you good to have you. Come on come on. Doom. For. So. Awesome. Awesome. WHO Insights. On who's the man with the Master Pick Plan? I think I'M I think I'm in GONNA leave so. Too early to tell coach, what do you think I mean I just went down. Oh, announced it. It's official Sebastian. Pass that Cova test. Let's go chair. That, supposedly to your play the SAZ sound buy A. Bra. Eight seeing guys get the shot monies from frigging South Africa breath he needed that. Chad. Oh. My God whose Grin Daddy. Daddy then you click collared L. No come on YOU LAURA YOU AIN'T GONNA be no collared on Laura. Training with satellites now I seen them you know thrown submits silos. Oga Style Yo shutout every cruise. No. TV. Amelia out with my little one tuning in and out the TV show. That's a champy right there. Thank you chant threatening I. Know. Thank you. You know that Lennox Lewis. Lennox Lewis. He cut the dreads and then you've got my man Joe Goose him over there swag on a hundred thousand mill that leads. You can also they talking they talk and. They talk rector, Ferrari, bought a horse. Yeah. They talking about all earls tweets. Or I tried. To decipher the. Trying to paint them in a nice light look every since you the. Ride horses on his farm. That's how they got it. You know paint them in a good light shot out. Shot S O g staying in shape border wars. Come to you look alike, October twenty four. Israel we got the okay from the gym Ok corral baby is going down now. All we gotta do we. GotTa do is build a car. Now we got to do is build a car zone. Yeah. Came from which Jim From. Okay. So it's Pittsburgh us the place that would be one option it. I'm still waiting on the okay from another famous Jim. But it's headed that way in in. You'll be driving through Pittsburgh to get to this. That's right. That's right. That's right. Dan. Coach spitting you ready you ready for another one. May I'm ready? Getting damning as you get. In the border war series Chan is there. You know how to get there. That's my problem. Yeah true man. Damn. That is true. You are across the pond man a Noah coach means legend in the war series may taken on everybody people within his way outside his way eight. Okay. Man He gets in there. So you know go over to Youtube which we are right now. But whenever you get a check out, check out the Buddha wars snippets or or videos that we got out there. And you get to see what we talking about That's a good point gems. While this, we might be hurt by financially doing border was with no crowds. How are we gonNA do that man? You know we we rely on those twenty thousand people were sitting in the arena watching US Nah see border. was always established as a pay per view model. It was always a pay-per-view model. So we good exclusive exclusive crowd that they can attend like just we just recently actually started allowing people to actually. To start charging those like it was not supposed to be people and then s one got out of hand. So that's the last one that will look like that for free. Big. People away obviously, you know what I'm saying. Amicable in that and that that's taking advantage of the owner but it was it was. Yeah. That's By the owner told us a certain thing and we told him a certain thing and then he looks on his cameras and sees a different thing. Don't look go for us. Yeah You have to be able border everything. Anyway that's not. Use someone else's property man and I don't I don't like that. Especially, if you're going to have you know knockouts and stuff, you don't want to have any surprise man what what is going on I see we did show in Goldman I've seen a Taco while commercial with some Burrito. Fighting already many. No but I you know like some kind of like posted suggests that the. Gang. What we do in. Let me tell you some Champi up pretty sure. It's what is next the Jonathan Sims is saying that. The said there were next and I thought I saw on my on the TV when I went to the kitchen. Yep. Omar quotas and Willie shot you'll Yulia that grow. Yaohua. was were grills were replaceable grills like big in the east coast like like like they weren't Houston do me or Yonder really rocky late that which to me. Like you know like the Paul Wa- grows millionare's grew all year like a are. East. Plenty of people. Here yeah. But as you know is heavy in the south. Oh Yeah it's heavy in itself was all about the gross. powwow. Over His yeah. It was crazy. It was crazy how the? Music transfers over from from region to region across the country. Steroid. Heidi Andrel or so. But you may have Mario Barrios on TV. There's brand brandon figuring oil where they meet eventually that's..

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