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Is your home for breaking news with our team of reporters around the country and the world. We give you the coverage. You can trust real time Traffic 803 Here is Chris Sullivan, and we continue to see a relatively normal Friday light kind of drive around the region. There still are a couple of little pockets here and there where we do see some slowing. One of them is on the four or five South bound drive as you work your way down through 5 to 7 there in the bottle area, But overall, it's not too bad. Still 35 minutes from Everett's Bellevue ever to Seattle, also about 35 minutes, we're going to see the slowing there right around 44th, the Newcastle, the Valley Freeway. Still not quite completely done. We have some slowing getting up past 24th, which is actually making 14 up from 4 10 there in somewhere a little bit slower than I'd like. We're back up to 40 minutes real time. There's also a little blip in between Auburn intent. The rent of the Bellevue Drive, though you will pick up the pace there we are looking at 20 minutes there. The Olympia to Tacoma Drive is quiet. 16 is quiet. 5 12 isn't too bad, either in Pierce County. So all in all, we're not bad. This report brought to you by Allstate. If you're driving less, you could be saving more on car insurance. Save money with paper mile insurance from Allstate. Call a local Allstate agent and get a quote today. Good morning and welcome to a sunny Friday before we get to politics. We have to talk more about traffic. The holidays, of course of past us, So that means it's time to return to construction closures. And so there's gonna be one every weekend. Chris tell us what we need to know. Maybe not every weekend, but pretty close to it, and every overnight there's Lord knows there's enough work to be done. But we're going to start about talking about what's going on this weekend, and they're a couple things you need to be aware of North bound by five and Mountlake Terrace. Is going to see the biggest impact. They're all lanes. All north bound lanes are going to be closed each night for sound transits work on light rail toe. Linwood contractors are putting in some preliminary false work over the North bound lanes, which will eventually be the base for the bridge for where the trains will cross the freeway. We had a similar closure late last year in the South bound lanes. Now it's the North bound lanes turn. So about 11 o'clock tonight. Tomorrow night Sunday night, the North bound lanes are going to close right at the Edmund's exit there. That's highway to one of four closure extends up to 2/20 and Mountlake Terrace. Driver's gonna be detoured around 29 99. The lane should reopen each morning around. 6 30, speaking of 99 Sound Transit's going to be closing both directions of the road in Si Tak. Move some equipment for the federal way. Light rail expansion. This closure is from 8 P.m. tonight to about 1 A.m. early tomorrow morning, So just the night time tonight thing to deal with, and there's some bad news for more people suffering from the closure of the West Seattle Bridge. Lower Spokane Street Bridge, which is we know is the only straight shot out of the neighborhood will be closed for a few hours tomorrow to everybody, And this includes the roadway and the pedestrian bike path. Closure starts at 8 A.m. and should last until about 1 P.m. cities inspecting the bridge and the mechanism there that connects it either ends. They're doing some repair work on that as well. So a little bad news for everybody trying to get out of west Seattle tomorrow. It's gonna be a little Difficult until the early afternoon. Well, as long as it keeps it operating. That's what counselor we got to keep that thing going. 806. Seattle's morning news president Biden's putting his vaccination plan into effect and made it clear there is a long way to go. Hospitals air out of beds. Businesses are closed for good schools are caught in between. While the vaccine provides so much hope. Rollout has been a dismal failure thus far, and.

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