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Up. The middle at center cross right circle. Takes it by trying to center at its block. Oshii follows up right corner right point initiative. Disconent shoot saved by Vasyl Ascii. Rebound comes to kucherov in the near corner. A little passer Johnson. He fumbled. It. Here's ocean. The slot shooting blocked by Johnson Oshii again, right circle. It's cassettes off right corner. Because that's tied up by headmen. Following-up is Rana right point a shot blocked in front by Johnson. Debris didn't point at center ice hands. It off kucherov across the line, right circle. I thought point let's circle had been shot off the post. I believe is the first shot that even came close to Hopi, but it was not on net. And hit the post came out. And then brought clears it down the ice. Here's Cobra quick count on the right side. Adam Ernie to center three three across the cap glide, right circle flighty down early one nothing. Ernie's check by or pick gets away. Pursues left corner of Puerto for Callahan. Drops up point Coburn off his stick puck, spins all the way back by the lightning eleven fifteen left in the first one of them Washington. Played by vaslav. Skip the far side for Callahan turns route at center ice office ski kind of played the lightning. In the first period. Little outlets are not handled cleanly. The caps are getting it back in that time or pig will stick it back to the lightning. Here's podcast at the right wing at center crossed the line, right circle. He is going to be checked off to play right there by Dowd. Boyd will walk into the red line. Turn it in mcdonagh on the far side pocket. Couldn't pass Carlson holds it in right point across as feet comes Travis. Void left circle of corner. Nick doubt biting down one nothing. Getting outshot seven nothing in the early part of this game right point shot Carlson. Save made mass Alaska with the glove, and he holds on ten thirty three left in the first it is one of the Washington. So.

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