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So as the cab from Dublin to the airport, and this driver starts talking to us, he's from Moldova, and he, he's telling us about how he lived in Norway his wife or girlfriend at the time who was sixteen was pregnant and they had to move because it was a legal because she's underage, but in my country, she's nuts. I'm like, good Lord. He's laying it all out too much information. Oh, my and then he's going on about how you know, like saying all these immigrants from other countries didn't wanna work, and you know, they kind of he didn't come out and say it, but like they shouldn't even be allowed in the country meaning Ireland like, but you're an immigrant Ireland's like you work like it's just it's so bizarre. I'll people really just then he's telling me how he hasn't seen his father since he was like eight years old and he's going to go see him in Latvia, but he's really nervous about it. Just went on and on. And on all the way up into your, you're a captive yet at car? Yeah, but it's amazing how there are a lot of people out there who not just cab drivers, but I get the impression. They really don't have a lot of people to talk to or people don't listen to them, or they feel like they don't. So when they get like Bill, they'll start telling people who they don't know that well or they're just coworkers, start laying it all out there, telling them everything. Yeah, there is a. It was a study done a couple years ago in the UK where. You know, they asked. People, you know if something something terrible happen to you, you know how many friends and family can you call upon. You know to help you out so this the survey was done like you know, twenty years prior. So say it was done in like nineteen ninety five. And then it was done again in two thousand fifteen. In ninety five. The predominant answer was five or more friends or family today. The predominant answer is zero..

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