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Because you only do that in the snow and I've definitely done this before that's no doubt being regional but it's also lazy somebody that needs to lineup shoes. Clean the shoestrings with a toothbrush race brushing soap. Pick choose which was can go onto the washing machine and not invite away moms did not like opening up the washing machine. It was just a pair of shoes in their waste. Based in load in her mind she used to go off on me about doing that. I am not going in the snow only to clean my shoes that just lazy. But it's still still regional like you said regional and the last one we have is a special voice mail. Don't forget if you call nine five eight zero Jalen. You can leave a voicemail. We'll play it on the show just like this pay. My Name's Val in Pennsylvania. I my holiday coach rural or regional. Might be I looked like the colby. I look like daily. She wants to have our dog on our Christmas. Pitch Christmas cards and send it out and you like you know matching holiday Tire now I feel like heavy coastal but see tells me that you know everyone does security input fake. You guys have a great day putting your dog in the holiday picture wearing matching outfits and sending out holiday cards cultural regional. Jalen rose your thoughts. This is one of the toughest questions I've been asked all year. You're okay all year. I call those happy that this year's over this is this right. Here is complicated as long for this one complicated. This is complicated and.

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