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Rao madrid that kids who may by a data's barcelona decades amazed by nike so it's not a uniformly like the team i support at the odds his umbro then you'll get like liverpool is umbro umbro umbro shields us yet that's incredible that's the level of where my team around as albro and then like liverpool their kids a my by new balance unease there is no uniform thing that the primarily kits a made by nike so what it means is every club dad negotiates their own deal with a kit sponsor on a kit make so you could argue that it's not as fair is your leagues i imagine nike the zambia in the nba call that money up and give it to the james orderly abbott but yeah they they would covered up and give it to teams and you know we would also get a cut of that too but the i think the the issue that the reason we do it the way we do is because let's say you're arm let's say you're memphis yet the grizzlies you're the grizzlies owner the the ceo the grizzlies or whatever and you're going to negotiate with nike adidas reebok can you make our jersey on put your logo on while you're not going to get paid that much relative to let's say the laker out of the new york knicks via and so in the interest of sort of balancing the playing field yes you know we're we're trying to sort of a thousand market teams be able to compete with the larger clubs and like a larger marketing and i do find american sports in in all.

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