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It's so interesting contract is forgive me. There's so much you get into this morning and a great good morning to you seven. Oh, five with this Gupo on the radio with Frankie Moreno, and and Debbie thank you so much. But I went with my boy yesterday, and we just went out. He said dad, can we go to the music ten up in Randolph? New Jersey listening around the country am970theansweRcom we in north west jersey, and it was like one of those music stores where people everybody's nice to you. And they could play any instrument member those days, you could sit down and we so Mikey nice start. Then we get into some of the origins of rock and roll as you go back and Ivy members stay with me on this pleases Friday. So I remember when I was a kid. I would listen to Benny Goodman. See Benny good news that my parents records Benny Goodman, and that's how I can introduce the gene croup a great drum drummer, gene group. Teddy Wilson, Lionel Hampton on five's, man. What a group that was. And it was and then I would find that. Of course, always always Frank Sinatra. He seemed to transcend everybody, but then boomer boomer brothers and sisters man, we got into the Beatles came over that. But with the Beatles were playing with the snow are playing with the animals were playing with all these super groups from from Britain were playing would was American music. Started by young black blues artists from the deep south who came up to Chicago. And they've made of a John Lee Hooker now screaming Jay Hawkins, Howlin wolf, all the all these these great great original blues artists true, original music, and somehow the the Brits bounded, right? And then I the song. On so reversed it and I started listening to some of the original songs, and that's what Mike is doing. Now the history of of the rock and roll. And you could see so it's great. So now smok- snack lately when my favorite songs lead, one of my favorite groups, the animal and now would you find out, but I couldn't even find it? And as I'm good tool of finding tool finds it right there. Now that was by the howling wolf, right? That was my house. That's correct. That's what is howling wolf's real name. Frankie Murata watch. I just looked it up. I didn't know it. But it's a pair Chester Arthur Burnett, but anything that has to do with Chester Arthur late, Chester, a Arthur like the president was that the president howling named firm wouldn't surprise me. Yeah. Honestly, you know. But so each used it's so interesting when you go back to the intricacies, and then I texted my bass player, Jonny Wilkinson's, my dear friend, and I and I saw an ant pay GAM. I saw Fender basement all the ants. We had as kids the greatest greatest remain. I listen to some of those blues groups kind of undock. Nate your kids to the music. I did with my parents when I learned about their music, you know, when I learned to play the drums from gene trooper, and then studied Jeanne Cooper went to buddy, rich, you know. And then of course, the rock and roll and the greatest drummer of all time Mitch Mitchell hates joined the radio. I'm so sorry. But it's just so exciting and then Merv Griffin. I just Mikey just texted be something screaming. Jay Hawkins was on Merv Griffin. Did you know Frankie Fibro that was my first national TV show. Did you know you mentioned that yesterday? Yeah. That's that's really impressive. It was Merv. It was Merv Griffin. That I had no eight-member Merv had that show prime time. It was like from eight thirty to ten am. I right. You guys are too young. I don't even know how you don't. Remember, this you probably doing I used to watch Merv Griffin. But I don't remember this. And I got the call us at the improvisation. And then it was like an I may say he moved want you on the show that was my first hit not Johnny Carson. I went. Wow. So from the improv, and I put together a five minutes, and I went to Los Angeles Merv could not have been nicer, and I went up, and I did my van tag by the grace of God at work the Michio. I couldn't even tell you what I did. But it was material and the Merv Griffin show. And it was just you know, and then everybody would go from there. And then you would always hope and buddy Gracie got ended up on Johnny Carson, useless information. But just stuff that you know, we go through as boomers. Hey Piscopo morning. There's an right now. And thank you for holding. I'm sorry. I now you have all the time in the world you got about almost four hours. So thank you for calling. What is what is on your mind this morning? My dear. I'm a real Trump supporter, and I love what you do trying to get the word out. Trying to make America great. And you know, he could discover the cure for cancer. And they still vilify him. What I'd like to do is start maybe through your radio station. People to write to him and thank him for all that he's doing and to keep up the good fight not giving up foraged. Yeah. That's a nice thought. And thank you. What a sweet thought to. Thank you for holding. Thank you for holding blame out for for holding there. Thank you. And I tell you that's an Frankie how how irritated would they'd be in New York New jersey, if we held a Donald Trump, thank you rally. Oh, come on. Would that imitate everybody? This is great. I mean, Trump did get you know, you get four to forty two percent of the vote in New Jersey. And there are a lot of place in New York extend island where you have fifty seven percent of the vote. So I mean, there are there are a lot of Trump supporters in our area that I think might show up to something like that. And even when he was running Trump did those rallies in Long Island and elsewhere in in the area, and they were packed wet and the people that do not back the president. But the run for office and do not back the president nor as for his. The kind of support. They never win. They just play never win. And and and again that funny. A Facebook though, Frank that guy says how could you be a Catholic at support Trump because I don't like infanticide? They can take you take great though. Unbelievable. You get. Yeah. You you just block blocked poll block. Thank you, great idea. And we should think about it. I just like it just. You say thank you to the president that you could just put a big rally. Bad people go crazy because this this this. All right. You want to get into it. Seventy Lebanese Frankie's favorite numbers, baby. Frank, by the way, I maybe broadcasting from city. I'm Mark eighteenth very trying to make that work with law enforcement against droves. Great my buddy, Nick down there and Stacey put that all together. So great organization, I will be down there. And then Matt simbone and operations director says Joe you're gonna be by yourself. City does alcohol is gambling. You think Merano's not gonna show up? I mean, really. So you're gonna wanna go Frankie. I think that. Yeah. Exactly. I'm also taking a break from casino gambling for the time being. But I have no money back with. Anymore? Nia fascination. Remember that roadway didn't grow your Woody Allen. Money. The two guys cutting up it up so much. It's a mere fascination speaking of money. So this guy the other day, Mike worse ski won the mega millions jackpot. Apparently, he won seventy three million dollars. I love you for remember. This cat was great. Yeah. Go ahead. That he won right? But even a two hundred and seventy three million dollar jackpot isn't enough for this lottery winners ex-wife to want him back. I lean Murray apparently told the New York Post on Thursday. She has no plans to get back together with her ex Mike worst and won't be calling him anytime soon. I love this. He's not appealing to me all of a sudden because he has this money says Murray fifty three during their fifteen year marriage which ended in divorce in October. Worked as a cost analyst for utilities company. But her fifty four year old husband was unemployed. She still paying him spousal support. Still she has no plans on coming after him for any of the one hundred and sixty two and a half million lump sum he'll be collecting. She says I'm not going after anything I have morals. I know what I've worked for everything that I have. Wow. Wow. Where she available that group. Oh. Fifty three. Stop it, please. I'm you me make this guy was unemployed. This guy was unemployed. She was paying him spousal support. Now, what would have had happens a lot? No. But what I'm saying is what would have happened if the divorce wasn't final in October, and they were still going through the divorce wins. What happens now, I'm assuming from a legal standpoint. He's obligated to give her half of that money. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah. So what? So now, he say he made a funny comment. What was it common? He said he said something I don't think she would want me back anyway or something like that. And looking oh, no, actually, no he has not commented. This is all comments from her. Isn't that something else? But you know, what? When I always talk about how the courts are. So upside down and backwards, certainly New Jersey, certainly New York, certainly in California, the progressive, socialist states and the family courts are totally skew because it's all politics and the judges are handcuffed. I will tell you. This is blamed the judges, but they're handcuffed because the politicians come up with the laws. They come at a DC they come to our state capitals. And then you, and I are standing in the courtroom in divorce going, what are you people doing? How come it makes no sense? And I know, but it's not just men you think this is not a father's that you this not manager women. I'm told you. I don't think I shouldn't say anything, but my my I have a friend that are mentioned our name should mention eight million dollars. She had to pay her husband million guide asked me this. Hold on. Does the guy were you think the guy works not? He's no, you enable the other side. Now, this guy's playing God bless echo. Apparently, according to her. She said, I think about it. How long did I work? How long did I support him? I have. To give them a lot of money in the divorce. Yeah. You're tell me what's moral thing to do is. She believes so support his family may give to animal charities. And she said he'll think I'm there with my hand down, and I have no intention to do that. I truly wish him well, though, I know he doesn't believe that. I want him to surround himself with good people. I don't think anybody should be taken advantage of this woman is taking the high road the entire way. You know, what the right thing to do is. He's gonna come away with one hundred sixty eight million whatever she is paid him. So far in spousal support. Give it back to her here. It is and get that KFC chicken hubbub. No. Oh, it's only forty seven. No. That's Cody seven granny give me spending somewhere. Honey. Honey. Sorry. I'm so sorry that you've been paying me support. But guess what? I got you in return a KFC hot tub seats five. No, that's not a good idea. Garnell you creepy guy dressed as the combined. You fan of Chester a, Arthur. Kirtland speedo. Oh, no, oh, what an image of God. Oh, I'm sorry. But God bless that girl for for saying that God, that's great. I mean, I'm on the point now where he goes and between you, and I we we alone we alone. And of course, you got to pay so much in jersey, they go you got to pay for this. And then the judges, and you got to raise your children, and you gotta you have children half the time and you'll your honor..

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