Jose Mourinho teetering as Man United's awful week ends in West Ham woe



West Ham hosting Manchester, United. What's been a difficult week for United Josie. Marino big decision here, leaving Alexis Sanchez. Out of the eighteenth early on West Ham goes head in the six minute Poudel salad that Anderson here look show goes to sleep offsite, not govern then Philippi. I'm this love flake to shock. Good ball in from Atlanta west off the great styles. Reno's men down in the six minute nearly get back here in the twenty third new Kaku off the post finless the, yeah, the goes against him does real together across his month. Thirty ninth minute chance for United Scott Mattamy down in the box must have been a gust of would not according to marina wasn't. Never creek forty third minute another for West Ham, Andre Yarmolenka gonna just kind of throw this one towards goal gets a lucky bounce to nothing. I know famous Demonte. He's he's trying to obviously share with them. Away from gold deals comes out. He works on his left foot was a big deflation. Close them quicken off sixty four th minute. Little bit of a response from United cross comes in great. Save from Nukus tabby ounce, good shave beyond severe crucial point a game on other crystal point in the game was the talking point of the whole week, an accountancy poke poke who started, but let's be honest, did not play well and was taken off Marcus rash furred in gets the goal seventy. First minutes. Suddenly we've got a game Marino feeling good, Arcus Rushworth another talking point. You get Madrid, fields talking points remind United why he doesn't get more game time. One of them seventy four th minute. Are not which one on one pass Mark noble and that'll do it. Anybody wants to defend great finish my not which was injured the week before back in the side, capped off a fine day for the most three one. The final scores second win of the season for West Ham, United seven matches played just ten points to show for it. Here's Josie. Marino had to say after the defeat. The last couple of games about maybe a lack of intensity. Was that a problem again today? Well, I think at him team that comes with that mental fragility of the bed results coming here and after five minutes is is losing one Neil is not the best way to start. Off-site, but no VR in visine Lanzmann mistake and angle makes tunnel where. Where we know that Jamil inquiries very, very, very left-footed. We know that we have to to cover that side. We have Matete John on the ball with have looked show and and Lindelof very close by. We are not aggressive and intense enough to close that that short and then mail losing to new. And then instead of linesmen mistake is the referee's mistake is an fall is a fallen on Marcus rush. Wirtz Zabaleta doesn't have an attempt to play the ball just just. Pool the player from Heinz. And then the go-to again kills mentally the team that had the reaction had a little bit of of the.

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