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Today. And who assisted and risk themselves. I just personally want to say thank you from the Albuquerque Police department. And I know it's proper to say thank you from the community of Albuquerque. Near Cleveland. The first formal political rally attended by former President Trump the main theme not new and not true that there was fraud in the election that he lost. What happened on November 3rd was a disgrace. On the evening of November, 3rd. The election was over, and then all of a sudden things started closing down all over in certain states, not in other states. This is CBS News. This hour's newscast is presented by Rocket mortgage need to know what it takes for a home loan to fit your budget and your family rocket can now from the Cairo Radio News Center at my Northwest calm, the city of Seattle is teaming up with businesses to help people try to stay cool. Power seven TVs. Ranjit Sinha has the details. The city has said that cooling centers would be spread between libraries, community centers and senior centers. All places that really haven't been able to be open fully since the start of the pandemic. Seattle Fire Department also launching a mobile health unit to do checks with people on the streets. We've never experienced an event like this. This is going to require all of us working together in the Seattle parks and recreation, opening splash pads across the city. Also working to get more drinking fountains up and running. As we told you here in Cairo, 7 80% of the city's fountains are not working City says it's going to try to get 100 of those flowing this weekend..

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