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If any of us had any money shelby would be a rich man quietly. The most powerful person illustrated true true. Oh patriots dolphins was. I'll i'll i'll say two things about this game to set off he was. It's super with the teams play. Because it's just they're the same team. They just wear different uniforms. Same schematically the same approach that stuff this one particularly with with kyle noise being back on the patriots and now like guys like jason mccourty being on on the dolphins you know like i have a lot of games going at once on sunday afternoon. And you're kind of like. I'm listening versa. And when i hear like oh jason mccourty with the past break up. And i'm like oh. This is so disorienting. Wait what team was that good for. I don't know anymore but that's kind of what this was. And we got a game. That was just a back and forth sort of conservative I don't low scoring. i don't wanna quit. Call the slogs. I think it was a little bit crisper the nap but this was a very patriots. Dolphins game and for a be decided essentially on a patriots. Mistake is not the kind of thing that goes overwhelmed foxborough. Obviously because they're known as a team that generally likes to avoid or tries to minimize those mistakes probably better than anyone else in the league but if you are a patriots fan or a person who works in the patriots organization. You do have to feel good about the way mack jones played. I mean gary you just mentioned with. Trevor lawrence the bizarre rep mismanagement by the jaguars throughout the preseason and it was the opposite right even though mack jones was competing with cam newton. Mack jones was steadily getting more and more wraps even though they weren't sure he was going to be the day one starter and they made sure he had enough reps to be ready for the game and i think you have to be excited about the way. He threw the ball. I mean first of all. He threw an excellent wheel route to james white. Which is pretty much. The i throw. You need to master if you're going to be the patriots. Starting quarterback didn't excellent job with that but just really was in commands. Didn't seem flustered of the five rookie. Quarterbacks i mean a lot of them didn't play much so well two of them didn't play much. We saw brief appearance of trae lance. We were recording this part before the night game is over but we saw just fields for a brief play in the first half and who knows what will happen the rest of the game but regardless he was the best rookie quarterback appearance from this year's class. And of course. It's just one. But i think there was my take away from that game. Was that mack. Jones looks like the real deal for anybody. That's trying to still make sweeping conclusions about the the patriots. I mean you know the the mistakes were things like running back. Fumbles where you know. The patriots had the same running backs coach for twenty five years. It's not like anything has changed..

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