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Leonard twenty quick break down one to go ahead and get mris colin here real fast hey missy how are you famous honey michael how are you today okay i just want you know as a woman the women bear some blame on there there is just no way to to look at it any other way i think they want their fifteen minutes of fame again and maybe it is monetary to don't go after and with a civil suit and i'm sure all of that coming but women to put themselves in that position i agree with joe locke at that late at night they know they're not going to have a tea party so you know the women index got i think there's got to be a moratorium on the length of time that women go i don't disagree with that you know you wait fifteen twenty years and then you want to jump up and say oh i want him arrested and prosecuted what happened fifteen years ago that you get by something was your career more important mail you want to jump up and and have input in prison because you are no longer a star and he won't be in the headlines again i guess you could almost make the same argument along the lines of stormy daniels for that matter but it's an observation observation missy absolutely it's my observation in my opinion but just looking at it from the woman who's got some common sense that looks at the whole situation i think it's just wrong that they're allowed to do it after come against him after ten to fifteen twenty years you know roy moore's appreciate the call thank you so very much quick break coming right back whenever saw the michael hart show and your hometown god and country station superstation one w i d michael hart show superstation one zero one.

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