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You consume and immediately begin at what you consume a lot of the question how do I? Hear my own voice or find my own voice I? The first thing you gotTa do is quiet. The other voices that are louder in your head and most of those voices come from the content that we consume come from social media. Come from the books that we read the magazines billboards all of the input. I think we're living in the wild wild west of stories that we are fish in water or are everywhere, but many of them. We make a choice it can. We think that we are scrolling on instagram or looking at facebook justice, they connected to people or being fired, but inspiration literally comes from the Latin in Ferrara to breathe into and by challenge folks and take a look at who they're following. Take a look at what they're consuming and find out. Does it actually breathe life into you? That makes you more active is breathing life into that is making you pursue your own goals and dreams. or the creating N. B., or is it except foreign right? Is it just things that you look at it? Actually make you feel less than our eyes are just the greatest gateway that we have to story, and so if your goal is to change your perspective, the first thing that you can do is begin to make better choices about what you look at what you spend your time engaging. Engaging with you have a lot of advice for people, not only those who are ready to completely change their lives around, but those who you've mentioned already. The people who actually are pretty happy with where they are, but maybe they need to change the way they communicate their story. How does that work start? How do you find a better way to tell your own story so a lot? Lot of work I do in that regard has to do with identifying your voice, your unique voice in the world, and then once you figured out what your voice is. You can figure out the best way to share it by that may be. What platform are you a public speaker? But I think a lot of people begin the premise of I have to talk certain way or have A. A certain energy would be a good storyteller or share what I have to offer the world, and that's actually not true. Good communication, effective communication that it just means, does your audience do the people that you're speaking to come away? Understanding what you intended them to understand that that's not about having a loud voice or a regular physical stance or using the best word that's about the intention. In the confidence with which you articulate who you are, and what you live, which again started with the internal work which we already talked about you gotTa. Know it, but once you know it. ENCOURAGED PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNICATIONS train boys training to have some the call core message. If you're gonNA talk to someone doesn't matter how long for five minutes fifty minutes doesn't matter. And they to remember only one thing that you sad only one sentence, what would that be and this is of course within context not like you don't have to have one for your whole life, but whether we're talking about you applying for a job or we're talking about you have a relationship conversations or each of those I. Encourage folks depending on what their goal is. is to identify a Cormac one thing that they want someone to remember that they've communicated and then from there we build out if you get one course engines.

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