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And that's it. it's that really unpopular. Christmas song called. Nothing magical happened today. It was a random snowy tuesday gene. Autry rawls the snow man was a job he happy. So we're the corncob pipe button nose and two is made out of cold raw. The snowman made the children laugh and play. Were they surprised before there is. He came to live that day. So i have two things to say right up the top short. I'd like to do let. Let's let me go to rachel rachel in every depiction of snowman you've ever seen. Yep what what is what is his or her nose may not have all dan it's karen. Oh it's a carrot. Oh it's all this early hot stuff you've ever seen a carrie. How button knows. There is one snowman that that is not true of and that is the animated frosty from the from the animates special however i purposely went and looked on youtube today of images of him before he has transformed and that frosty does not have a button nose but has some sort of giant red ball. Children have found info because there is no way. That is a button. I i think that there. I think it's supposed to be a button. I think if it was inclination it would have been a little clearer. But i think it's supposed to be a button but that would be that would take some big kony's on rankin and bass to say It's got he's got a button knows. No ranking them. We're not doing that he gets. Here's the problem. Like clown. And i want to be clear that watched the whole special. So maybe this is like me you know. I haven't seen it since last year. And i'm always half drunken eggnog paying attention but so i don't know for sure but this button was twice. The size of one of his coal is so i don't know what button they're finding. However i understand where the animators were coming from because button far too small for a note late sma far too small to be like a like a shirt button but what kind of button fund like coat buttons..

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