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He is not required as he himself said in two thousand fifteen to report all of his debts. There is not. Now there ever has been a scintilla of verifiable evidence that Donald Trump is or ever was a billionaire. He is not a businessman. He's a cash extractor. His father made a fortune Donald has been spending it sucking money out of deals, leaving businesses in the wake where workers are unpaid, including people who are in the country without permission where vendors aren't paid, and they have to lay off workers, their businesses of sometime destroyed and the only known case of cheating customer. At a casino in Atlantic City was at Trump's castle and David, all of this are included in all the reasons that I believe Donald Trump would never run for president because I believed all of this would come out it. It's coming out a lot slower than I had expected and hoped it would. I guess, David Kay Johnston, thank you very much for joining us. Really appreciate it. And we have some breaking news tonight the latest about the cavenaugh FBI investigation. Next. Breaking news on the FBI investigation of Brett cavenaugh. The Washington Post is reporting tonight that the FBI has interviewed some high school friends of Brad Kavanagh, including Chris Garrett who dated Christine, blassie Ford in high school and Tim God debt, whose house was the location of July first nineteen eighty-two party. But cavenaugh references on his high school calendar, Washington Post, investigative reporter, Karen, Lynn co wrote this article and joins us. Now by phone Carol, what are the main points that we're learning tonight about the FBI investigation, Lawrence hunting. The most important things we're learning are that actually the FBI is doing what it does bath, which is going beyond what is sort of the the boiler plate and asking other questions of other people. Other witnesses that haven't been identified heretofore the most important of them. You've just mentioned, Tim got at who has. Had a home where we believe one of the Kavanagh attended parties of most interest was was mentioned. And then also Chris Garrett who Dr Ford, whose allege that Cavanaugh actually salted her when they were teenagers. She has assiduously avoided mentioning his name, but he's a person that he dated and a person that people who are close to Cavanaugh allege is likely the person that she really is referring to. And what's interesting about that is we haven't heard from either of those people we haven't known what is their account of what happened. Gosh, thirty five years ago. And you have reporting tonight that the FBI is very concerned with how this investigation is going to look after the fact, because they assume their investigation will be investigated by. Congress, particularly if the Democrats win control of the house or the Senate. Absolutely. They wanna be like clean as a whistle that none of what they have done appears to be steered or managed stage-managed if you will by President Trump because President Trump is the client here. The White House is the decider in a nomination about whether or not they want to know certain things about an Omni. Background investigation is normally very classic typical routine event, junior agents go out and they ask questions and find out is this person. Someone we wanted trust with very secure said of secrets of the US government for in the course of his job or her job. But in this case, the stakes couldn't be higher. It couldn't be more Abner. Normal. And so this background investigation is hyper partisan one, and the FBI does not want to be accused come November tenth after the election presumed for a moment that Democrats take the house, they didn't do not want to be accused of at that moment, having somehow tilted the scales here somehow have conducted investigation that led towards tilting things towards Brad Kavanagh. Carol Lennick. Thank you for your breaking news reporting tonight. Really appreciate that is tonight's last word, hey, it's Chris from MSNBC every day. I come to the office and we make television show and every day I think to myself, there's so much more I want to talk about. And so this is our podcast it's called, why is this happening? And the whole idea behind it is to get to the root of the things that we see Lee out every day. They're driven by big ideas each week. I sit down with a person. Uniquely suited to explain why this is happening. New episodes of wise. This happening every Tuesday. Listen for free wherever you get your podcasts..

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