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Bob dylan just people that have seen me perform and don't these three bitches that's a good thing the black sits i will download the streets yeah who's pay check no they are people that have seen me been outperforming and people have come up to you and said i you remind me of a young mom say it that way but yeah you're very dylan esque about dillon or were they drunk he's still johnny cash johnny cash diet listrik more than style we'll hold on johnny cash and bob dylan are very different they don't they talk a lot in her songs they don't necessarily sing it out so much as sort of almost speak or sing very slowly speak seeing is is what you're talking i've done that before when i was in a punk band years ago i was that's kind of the way i was doing right well i can hear i mean you your baritone is similar to johnny cash i don't hear any bob dylan in your voice i don't like the compliment i didn't take it that way because i don't like bob dylan i don't like bob dylan i don't think he's that talent i don't think he's hitting or anything wait these young kids one video we're talking about okay i yeah listen to me bob dylan bob dylan tom petty bob dylan gets into the rock and roll hall of fame off of like a rolling stone alone with bob dylan is probably want to listen he had a ubs unique voice it's not it's not for everyone i am i going to tell you that bob dylan is one of the greatest singers ever know but neither was frank sinatra frank sinatra was a vocal stylist i thought more than a singer okay you know and he kind of spoke saying a lot of his songs as well bob dylan just just lyrically and what he did he wrote knocking on heaven's door man that's the greatest eulogy ever knocking on heaven you you right not not only have you written a rolling stone but you right knocking on heaven's door here's a good writer absolutely didn't he white what what is it is it the times they are changing he wrote that as well correct or am i mistaking sal yeah yeah yeah yoga bob dylan's hits for me you have a phone over there don't you so i can school this young kid you can't say the bob dylan does not talented well i was saying i didn't like him i didn't say he wasn't talent in singing voice and he's another one too like if you were to move into this era would he do anything but i don't i don't understand that question what do you mean if you were to move into i just feel like sometimes is he knocking on heaven's door a great song if it's released now absolutely that's why guns and roses that's why it's been covered ad nauseam right i understand that too but i might my theory if my theory holds the same thing with led zeppelin and black sabbath it's like the first to do something is obviously going to be well the first that gets recognized or hugely known to do something is usually going to get the most recognized all there's great or whatever listen the landscape of music has changed right now you can't say any banned from the seventies necessarily maybe even the eighties would have the impact that they did have released now because it's just a different landscape how people consume music but you can't you can't take away the brilliance of a ban like led zeppelin by saying if they were released today they wouldn't be as popular i mean that that catalog speaks warts ob just asking the question i'm not saying that that's the case but i mean even like a modern band if they went back to that era would they be i mean you know twenty one pilots i i understand what you're saying but i don't know that i don't know that the point of it would hold any relevance i gotcha something that i've thought about is like well is it because they were i is that the reason no by not worth it bob dylan was the voice of a generation that's why he's bob dylan he he he put into song what a lot of what the nation would a majority of the nation was feeling at the time that he was releasing those song that's why bob with timely that's no but other people did too.

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